This place's still working?

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i mean, i can't see alot stuff being created, just stuff from like years ago, nobody seems to have plans, ehmm... can someone tell me what's going on? :Z

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Over heeeeeeeere

We really should refactor the site to make it easier to see what's going on.

Not shown: The Klik of the Month Klub link also has some outdated shit (mainly an artifact from when we were using the old, manual game submission system). For a more recent listing of past events, click that "more" link under Upcoming Events.

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Oh, yeah, great picture. but... only 7 people signed up until now in the KoTM#51... do you think it's normal?

And i loved the "I CHEATED" game. i played it and it was the best 1 hour of my life :D

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More people tend to sign up

More people tend to sign up as the beginning of an event draws closer. Also, it's not exactly an accurate indication of who all is participating. For example, I don't do email signups because I don't need a reminder.

Also, thanks I guess. I thought my jokes were pretty lame, but nice to see that others liked them.