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You are an elephant trying to escape from an explosion right behind you.
Your mission is to run for it at all costs.
You cannot move left or right, but you can jump.
Get the grapes to go forward, and avoid the barrels to not regress.
Get the computers for +10 multiplier and the "multiplier multiplicator'' to multiplicate your multiplier (what)
Jump on the Yellow Joggers for points.

Try to get 1,000,000 points for the real ending!

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An event


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i love the audio in this

i love the audio in this game so much. like how you used the final boss music from megaman 7 and how you used that sample of vincent price laughing

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Dying at 800,000 is a

Dying at 800,000 is a tragedy.

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I like it! I had to turn

I like it!

I had to turn off the MIDI music, because the pause when it resets made me stumble a few time.

Difficulty feels like it plateaus rather early, gets into a pretty simple pattern.

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After I finished the game

After I finished the game with 1 million + points, I was so used to the road scrolling leftward that the whole screen seemed to be shifting to the right for a few moments.