Vector 3D Jam Multi-Game Pirate Kart

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Mon, Sep 19 2011 11:00 PM
09/20/2011 - 01:00
09/24/2011 - 22:00

So what is this all about? Well, the folks at Sonic Fan Games HQ hold their own trainwrecking event on a yearly basis called RAGE. You can read about it here. A trainwrecking event without Glorious Trainwrecks is sad, so therefore I propose...

The Vector 3D Jam Klik & Play Multi-Game Pirate Kart!

What is a Klik & Play Pirate Kart, you might ask? From the words of SpindleyQ himself:

"A Klik & Play Pirate Kart is a staggering collection of awesome and/or terrible games. All of the games are made in a single 48-hour period. No game is allowed to take more than two hours to make. Contributors continuously churn out games, non-stop, all weekend. When the weekend is over, the result is pure glory. It is an experience unlike anything else that has ever occurred on earth."

What does this have to do with RAGE? Well, we shall make a thematic Pirate Kart as our entry to RAGE! Just think about it! Instead of just one game like most RAGE entrants, we submit many games, because we all know that quantity is better than quality! (Except that we'll pretend it's all one game so that Slingerland doesn't get mad.)

You can start making games NOW! Just be sure you go for quantity! As soon as you're finished with one game, keep making games until the event is over, if you can! The madness goes until 10PM EST, September 24th, to give us a little leeway to submit the whole thing in time. Unlike us, RAGE doesn't allow Cheating at Hanging Out With Friends, so it is imperative that folks stop making games when the deadline has passed.

Oh, and this is also important. All games must feature Vector the Crocodile. Don't ask. I didn't make up these rules. If you are finding that this is limiting your creativity, then just pretend to make a normal unthemed Trainwreck like usual and then replace everything with Vector when you're done.

You can hop on IRC -- server, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. If you don't have a game-making tool, try Klik & Play. This FAQ will tell you how to use it.

When you are finished with one of your games, click this link to submit it to the list.

Edit: We won!

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Games made for Vector 3D Jam Multi-Game Pirate Kart


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You can find Vector sprites

You can find Vector sprites here. The Klik libs require TGF/CNC or newer, unfortunately, so Klik & Play users will have to make-do with the sprite sheets.

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A wealth of information

"He and his team will do anything for money, as long as it doesn't break the law."

"He is a power character."

"Coincidentally, Vector bears a resemblance to the Kremling species. "

Also from Wik the Pedia:

"The muscle is Vector, the karma collector and he's sworn to fight for you."

"So loud are his "tunes" that he once single-handedly stopped the Dark Legion army in its tracks by turning his music volume up to its highest setting and pointing it at the enemy."

"he looks like a character created as a cheap Sonic copy."

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Wait is it supposed to be in

Wait is it supposed to be in 3D?

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It's a jab at pirated game

It's a jab at pirated game carts such as Sonic 3D Blast 5 and Sonic Jam 6.

will it be okay if i make

will it be okay if i make the games & follow the two hour rule but i post them at the same time when i'm done for the night? i can include a time log.

(btw i am going to make these games anyway)

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We don't really care. As

We don't really care. As long as the end product is awesome!

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I am a traitor

For I am a SFGHQ member, yet my RAGE entry went into the Pirate Kart.

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If you have MOD playback

Feel free to use these Chaotix songs I transcribed

ctxsongs.zip156.84 KB
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These are really good! Thank

These are really good! Thank you so much. Even if I don't end up using them, these are going in my music collection along with the OST and those two arrangements from OC ReMix.

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Thank you, those are great!

Thank you, those are great! Used one for my game :)

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So I just spent the whole

So I just spent the whole night creating a launcher for the compilation. No, the event's not quite over yet but I felt like I needed to get that part out of the way first.

I ended up converting the Klik & Play games into a 32-bit medium for 64-bit users. All Klik & Play games were re-exported in The Games Factory (except for Vector MPH which was exported through MMF2 because it plays a lot of sounds at once and TGF has trouble with that on multicore systems). I'm contemplating including the Klik & Play originals in a folder somewhere but I'm not really sure if there'd be much point to be honest.

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Anyone up to making a game

Anyone up to making a game involving Vector and ponies?

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Due to timezone confusion I'm just gonna go ahead and finalize the Kart an hour from this post so that I don't have to worry about missing the deadline. If you have any games, now is the chance to get them in!

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oh hey, sorry i haven't been on in a while

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aaaaaaah gonna cut pretty

aaaaaaah gonna cut pretty close to the wire here, if i even make it at all :[

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Decided to go ahead and

Decided to go ahead and submit the current version as-is. As the final games come in, I will continue to update the download here until the submission period closes. Therefore you might actually have more time to get your game in on time.

Current compilation download is below. Includes all games up to VECTOR'S CHAOCODILE DENTIXT.

All archives need to be extracted into the same directory for the thing to work.
The 50MB attachment limit sucks.

VectorKart_dataPart2.7z43.74 MB
VectorKart_dataPart1.7z42.05 MB
VectorKart.exe_.zip2.72 MB
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Aww, my game didn't make the

Aww, my game didn't make the cut. Did you have problems with the interpreter, maybe?

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No, I was just having issues

No, I was just having issues with uploading. This update includes your game, however.

Should also include a fixed readme for Windows users (hopefully).

VectorKart.exe_2.zip2.72 MB
VectorKart_dataPart3.7z582.27 KB
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Totally rad

I have to admit this pirate kart is pretty ok!

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Good old CrazyBus music :')

Good old CrazyBus music :')

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RAGE 2011 downloads are

RAGE 2011 downloads are here! (For some reason Slingerland didn't receive my email? Oh well, he found the downloads on this site, so no big deal)

We might want to consider voting for someone else's entry as well. It's only fair.

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We are winners!

We won RAGE 2011. Let's try to win RAGE 2012 as well! :D

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Found a blog post that

Found a blog post that commented on all the games while ego-searching. (The original in Brazilian if my Google Translate link isn't working.)

cute crocodile, this game is

cute crocodile, this game is supposed to be a 3D game, seriously.