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So I've made more music than I have games on my current copy of Wario Ware DIY, and I figured I'd share it with you guys to use in future Kliks. Or just listen to it if you're a weirdo like me.

There's about 20 tracks, half are original works and the other half are arrangements of various video game music (mostly Mega Man and Mega Man X), so, yeah. Have fun.

I've also included some tracks I made in Little Big Planet 2's built-in Music Composer, which is mostly comprised of tracks I created for my brother's metroid-inspired level DELVE. Check it out if you've got a copy of LBP2 :O

Anyone else got any wacky WarioWare DIY music they've recorded and want to share? POST IT HERE!

WarioWare_DIY_and_LBP2_Music-Rynen10K.zip29.96 MB
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Oh no!

Oh no, I just noticed that I listened to this but never posted my feedback! I think I was planning to put my opinions and my own songs in the same post, but never got around to it because my microphone port broke. Listening to these again, my stuff pales in comparison, but I'll still post it if I can record it in a way that doesn't sound terrible.

Long overdue praise: this is some of the most musical stuff I've ever heard come out of the program, and I say that having heard a lot of WarioWare D.I.Y. songs on YouTube. Some of these are so long, too! Did you stitch multiple records together? A minor niggle: I wish you'd recorded these in a way where you couldn't hear the play button being pressed!

These are the ones I really like: BOXFACTORY, DRMARIO-CHILL, MARIOKART, NEEDLEMAN, VENUS. WIP-LITTALY is awesome too, have you finished it yet?

The Little Big Planet 2 music's pretty good, too. Suitably atmospheric (with the exception of POWER GENERATOR, which I think is the standout track). I'm a little less impressed by them than the D.I.Y. tracks though, maybe because I'm not familiar with the limitations of its Music Composer.

Man... I can't believe nobody posted in this thread. This site sucks sometimes!