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An extremely rare prototype beta was just unearthed! This here is the Sonic Cookies beta that was slated to become a sequel to Knuckles Chaotix. The game was being developed for the doomed 64X console add-on for the Sega Genesis before both were canned by Sega. This is a grand opportunity to experience one of gaming history's greatest secrets! It's a prototype though, so expect serious issues.

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An event


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The music

Mind sharing that music, good sir?

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It's from Tetris: The Grand

It's from Tetris: The Grand Master ACE.

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put this on tcrf

so we can analyze the shit out of this thing and try to find a trace of Tails in it so we can proclaim that tails is a god character and is the center of the universe because he is an important icon to the furry fandom which is bigger and bigger everyday and is the pinnacle of humanity