The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis - Special IGF Demo

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The full version is out!!

A demo of The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis. Complete up to the end of the first level.

Click on things.
Can't skip dialogue.

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Oh my God, that was amazing.

Oh my God, that was amazing. I'm guessing the deaths are predetermined, but I'm not sure if I'd actually like to know the inner workings of the game in this case.

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Oddly compelling. Fully voiced. Full of non-sequiturs and hilariously bad art, but is really quite a sad story.

how cool

This is very old in trainwreck time but very cool. Also in 2011 I didn't really know that videogame existed.
So I may have missed it I stumbled upon it very randomly but despite its old age and how videogames technologies have evolved over the last few years the graphics keep some charm don't they? ok it's super cool I love it from beginning to the end