"Maker's Choice" Creamy-Centred IGF Gift Selection

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So I heard I'm not the only loser who can't pick less than a bunch of games. Have some greatest hits instead.

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I just want to say that I

I just want to say that I love Legend of Motorcycle Cock.

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Ditto, and Motorcycle Cock help.

The Legend of Motorcycle Cock is ace. How to I beat the elephant riding wizard? Can I hurt him when he is elephantless?

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Ah! Make him fall on the

Ah! Make him fall on the fire.

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The End

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CONGRATULATION! I just beat this again tonight myself, haha. I'd forgotten most of it.
Good work getting past that bit in the tower with the impossible jump! Seems like the conversion to the mmf runtime made the platforming even worse.

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I think I made it from the

I think I made it from the ledge directly below.

What does the protection actually do? Makes damage count for less? By how much? (I'm thinking of writing a wee guide for the selectbutton wiki)

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Yeah, that's what I did. I'm

Yeah, that's what I did. I'm glad it's still completeable at least. The conversion fucked up ceiling collisions (for example it should be possible to get past those two bugs in the cave without getting hit, but it isn't in this build) and the way the counters are drawn when you get a second row of HP, but at least I can almost pretend that ledge thing is a bad puzzle.

The protection, I believe, reduces the damage you take from each enemy by 1 bar per tick for each level of it you have. Although the effect seems small, it adds up to a huge reduction even with just a couple of levels so it's another way to grind for tough fights, which is important because I didn't emphasise being able to escape with spacebar enough.

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I see what you did there.

I see what you did there.