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A completely infringing (and very cheaty/lazy) work:

An evil insectoid Law-Yar has stolen Atari's Fuji symbol and with it, Atari's mojo.

You must journey to the evil black castle and rescue the Fuji symbol

This is actually a pretty detailed play-alike to Atari 2600 Adventure, written in Java processing, for another top-sekrit project of mine... it took hella longer than 2 hours, lots and lots of 20 minute subway sessions.... my 2 hour-ness was a simple sprite mod conversion, in the finest of Pirate Kart traditions!

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An event


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(3rd day of xmas)Holy

(3rd day of xmas)
Holy smokes I zoned out on the date, my computer caught fire and I went into a coma for 366 days!

I fully endorse this game and or product

actually it is a cool maze