Dorkgimp Weinerstink: They're Out To Suck Your Brains!

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The hit text adventure from Capital World Games! Join Dorkgimp Weinerstink as he aimlessly stumbles around looking for commands that the parser will accept. Featuring award-winning* ASCII graphics and an updated soundtrack by Aaron Kearns / the_muteKi and a couple of French tree frogs!

* this statement will become true once the IGF Pirate Kart wins the IGF.

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I took it upon myself to add this classic game to the IFDB:

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I can't wait to go back in

I can't wait to go back in time and tell my 12-year-old self that people still talk about his games in 2012.

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This was amazing, but damn I

This was amazing, but damn I couldn't even leave the bedroom without resorting to the walkthrough.

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I think it's probably more

I think it's probably more fun to read the source code for this one than to actually play the game.

I remember "playtesting" the game with my older brother; at one point he tried to do something sensible, like "use cashcard with cashcard machine", and it didn't work. Since that IF statement was long enough as it was, I decided the best way to solve the problem was to have the first page of source code (which you would see when loading the game into QBasic) should have a "hint" that if "use" doesn't work, you should try saying "put".

I don't recall whether any of the other "HINT: DO THIS THING EXACTLY" bits strewn in the game were the result of that test or not, though.