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So here is a game that I made when I was sixteen years old. Basically, I had a math teacher who talked about her cat in class a lot, so I made a game that I surreptitiously loaded onto the class computer where you drive over cats for no reason.

Lots of people had trouble setting 320x200x8bit fullscreen modes, so I re-ported the game from scratch* to run in a 640x400 GDI window. There should be absolutely no compatibility problems anymore, dammit. SEE IGF JUDGES I TOLD YOU I'D FIX IT

* the version that was uploaded before was a port that I did a number of years ago which I stupidly threw away the source code for.

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Due to popular* demand, here

Due to popular* demand, here is the terrible, derivative, repetitive music, encoded in handy-dandy MP3 format!

*not popular at all

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320x200x8 worked for me in

320x200x8 worked for me in Wine. If it isn't working on actual Windows systems then something is horribly wrong.

Edit: Turns out that Wine is actually setting the screen to 320x200 truecolor mode and then color-converting from 256-colors.

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I love the origin story for

I love the origin story for this game and the way it reminds me of terrible DOS shareware I used to play, right down to the questionable Amiga style music.