Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat

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Do you love Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!?
Do you have a Wii that can run homebrew?
Do you have a pair of Gamecube bongos?


Each bongo has a top and a bottom button. These naturally correspond to high and low punch.
To dodge, clap.
To use your star punch (or to "Press Start"), hit both top buttons.
To block, hold the start button on the bongos.

Unfortunately SD card support does not work in the latest development copy of FCE Ultra that I used as a baseline, so you will have to run the included injector program with your legitimately acquired Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! ROM. Fortunately, this means that running the game from your Wii takes you DIRECTLY INTO THE ACTION!

Download mtjb.zip to get started!
mtjb.diff is the patch from the SVN trunk as of today (June 27, 2008). The hack is pretty straightforward, so it's not very large.
InjectorSrc.zip is the source code for the injector program, in case someone wanted to compile a Mac version or something.

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oh god the youtube video is

oh god the youtube video is the most embarassing thing I've put on the internet since I posted on usenet at age 12

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And here I was expecting a

And here I was expecting a simple demonstration in a poorly lit room, with the quiet hum of electronics punctuated by fabric against fabric shuffling and the thick plastic noises of microswtiches; a low dirge of synthesized sound losing fidelity and gaining echo as it passes through and reflects off a typical suburban cave.

And what do we get instead? Overacting that makes you look maybe half your real age judging by the presence of a baby in the room (aww!). Absurd humor on the difficulty of running homebrew, a detailed and formal running commentary (reminiscent of Johnny Lee), and Wiichewnig!

You might have oversold the hapless consumer introduction, though. I could feel your embarrassment through the lcd screen as you made those confused expressions. Still, if I had a Wii and bongos, I'd totally give it a shot.

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I actually had a floor lamp

I actually had a floor lamp pointed directly at my face to try and fake out the webcam's intolerable brightness filtering.

The terrible haircut doesn't help the impression that I'm 13 either. My wife has been on me about that for months.

There is no way that demo is in the same league as Johnny Lee's awesome Wii hacking demos. I can't even bear to watch it all the way through.

I don't know what "Wiichewnig" is supposed to mean, but I would like to.

This video is just me putting things in my mouth and making faces. That's what happens when you have a baby, I suppose.

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Let me correct that. Wii

Let me correct that. Wii chewing. Thank you.

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You are the cleverest thing

You are the cleverest thing since sliced beer!

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aww shux0rz 'twaren't

aww shux0rz 'twaren't nuthin' but some straightforward C haxin'

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bongosmash, maybe

man that video is fantastic and you shouldn't pretend otherwise

also i sure hope this is implicitly announcing that astrosmash konga or whatever is forthcoming

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has it hit kotaku yet I

has it hit kotaku yet

I just thought it would be funny to have an Intellivision game playing in the background is all

Does this really work?

I have made 3 different dumps of my Mike Tysons Punch Out and even tryed my Punch Out with Mr.Dream. I have had no luck with getting this to load.

before someone says have you injected the ROM, yes I have and it does not work.

All I get is numbers and the the word reset...WHY!?

Please what am I doing wrong?

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I'll take some time this

I'll take some time this evening to re-download it from the site and try out the process from scratch to be sure I haven't screwed anything up -- I may have messed up the offsets that the injector uses when I made a last-minute code change to take out the initial menu screen of the emulator. It's weird, though, because I know it still worked for me after I made that change.

How big is your boot.elf file? It should be 3,531,265 bytes.

Size matters???

Yes the file is 3,531,265 bytes.
I have tried many different dumps of my game and everyone gets a black screen with numbers and then if I fit the bongo the word reset shows, I have to unplug the wii the restart.

I hope it is not a problem on my end of things?

Thank for the help

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Oops. Holy crap, I did

Oops. Holy crap, I did something incredibly stupid in the injector program that meant that the boot.elf that was getting generated was complete garbage. Uploading a fix now.

When I try and play it on

When I try and play it on the homebrew channel, it tries to load, and stays at 0%. Is it me or your injector?

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I've never heard of that.

I've never heard of that. I'm pretty sure the file can be total garbage and the Homebrew Channel will attempt to load it (since that's what people were telling me was happening when the file was total garbage). Sounds like it might be an SD card issue? Have you tried reformatting?

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There, try it now.

There, try it now.

OOO AAAHHH Pretty Colors!

Boots up but now I get the rainbow colored screen...I am gonna try a few other dumps


Everyone that has bongos should try this.



How to get back to the homebrew menu?

Is there a way to get back to the homebrew memu yet?

If so How?

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You should be able to get to

You should be able to get to the FCEU menu by hitting L+R on an actual GameCube controller, but I think the only option it provides is rebooting the Wii.

"This is not a valid wii application."

In the new version of the Homebrew Channel, Mike Tyson's Jungle Beat (along with the old version of FCEU) won't load, instead giving the error message "This is not a valid Wii application." However, I downloaded the new version of FCEU and it works, which probably means that you're gonna have to hack that version to get it to work. :(

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the heads-up!

I'm guessing the problem could be worked around by using this tool after you've run the injector. Give that a try and tell me if it works.

You're right that probably the simplest fix is to patch the latest FCEU, since I imagine it has working SD card support now. And then I could actually put it up on Homebrew Browser! Wouldn't that be something.

(Probably the real long-term fix is to add a proper bongo input device to the menu and contribute the code to FCEU.)

Yay, it works!

The .dol converter thing worked! The only thing I don't like is how I have to hard-shut-off my Wii to exit the game. It's kind of annoying. Really fun game, though. Makes me want to play Jungle Beat again... *buys used copy of DK:JB*

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Sadly I have still not

Sadly I have still not gotten my act together to play this.

However I have pimped it on a relevant BB Offworld article as well as the Boingboing article linking to it.