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spent the better part of the past week porting bulletml to lua. And then I made this horrible game with it in a few minutes. There are no win screens. Or lose screens.

here is the love file if you want the source, or the exe doesn't work (I couldn't get it to, but my windows install is jacked), everything is fine in the standard love though.

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Hey, how easy is it to

Hey, how easy is it to quickly churn stuff out with Love2D? I need something to replace MMF2 for Trainwrecking and prototyping. Not only is MMF2 Windows-only (and thus requires me to use Wine) but it's slow and clunky, and the amount of mouse movement and dialog window surfing required to make stuff is giving me a headache (and a wrist-ache). Seriously, I hate the amount of dialog windows I have to navigate through just to do basic crap. I'd rather just type stuff out.

Right now I have zero Lua knowledge but I think it would be fun to learn.

I need something with easy image import (I want to drag PNG files into a folder and be able to call it a day - using sprite editors as a proxy to some binary internal format is annoying and pointless), built-in collisions, easy level creation and possibly resource management and containing the game state inside the level (as global state is evil and leads to buggy games with problematic code).

Edit: By the way, you really should include the .love file inside the ZIP. If the system you're using to make games is cross-platform, you should at least be packaging Windows, OS X, and Linux versions so that those of us on other operating systems don't have to use Wine. It's common decency.

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on point one (easy image

on point one (easy image loading), yep, love2d has it. The rest of the points I am not really sure about. I don't think it has state management or level editing or any of that stuff. I am truthfully kinda new to it. I have been building my own lua based engine for iphone that is close enough to love2d that I have been able to just use all of my entity and group code from that and just swap out the drawing code to work with love2d. If you want to use it, I would be happy to point you to the code, but there is probably better stuff from the love community.

Sorry about the lack of packages, I will fix that right up! I have no idea how to build the linux package though. Sorry about that.

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Packaging the .love file is

Packaging the .love file is good enough for Linux right now. Package management is incredibly stupid when it comes to cross-distro compatibility. You can't exactly distribute a binary and expect it to work out of the box without including, like, 20 .so files. Maybe one day we'll have an OS X-esque system but not now.

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ok done. The other thing

ok done.

The other thing about lua that is both fun and crazy is that there isn't a canonical way to do OOP. The tools are there to implement it however you want, and there are about a million existing systems that you can use to make lua tables act like classes, but if you are into one way of coding, you might be disappointed.

The nice thing about lua is that the language is super quick and dirty, which matches the way I like to code.