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there's no point in staying anymore

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The player character is

The player character is abstract, difficult to parse at first. After a few plays I see it as two inhuman creatures, one small with black eyes, the other large with red eyes, the larger one either overshadowing or devouring the smaller one. (The sprite is called "Bell 3" in the code, perhaps suggesting that an earlier build used the Bell sprite from the KNP library.)

The game's only input is the up key, which moves the player sprite towards the moon. Obstacles -- a judge, a hospital gurney, a bed -- reset the player's upward progress, slowing them down, turning them invisible. Music kicks in. As the player ascends, their shadow starts blending in with the background gradient. Upon reaching the moon the player sprite sheds its shadow, then its skin to reveal a girl, then a bride and groom.

So, this seems to be a game about escape, the hope of freeing oneself from a negative presence, moving forward even when it feels impossible. About learning to see oneself as a person capable of forming a relationship with someone else.

(I didn't know there was an explicit ending until I dug into the KNP code, though "you have to hold on" does make sense in retrospect as a hint to keep persevering even in the absence of visual feedback, and fits in with the implicit narrative arc, as does my initial failure.)