Interview for a feature on "Bad Games"

Yeah, I know, "Bad Games" sounds a bit harsh.
However, a new German game mag with a focus on features, essays etc. (think "Kill Screen" with a Prussian touch) is about to launch early next year. To find some sort of common focus, a topic was chosen that all writers should address - and it's just this: "Bad Games".

So, basically, I had two ideas:
The first one that came imidiately to my mind: do an interview with the humble madman who created "The Last Eichhof" back in the day, a much beloved game that is also prominently featured on your site.

Secondly, I'd like to give that whole negative "bad game"-thing a more positive spin and talk about the love for those games - obviously, this site is the first place that came to my mind. (I know about it via Jesper Juul's discussion of "para-gaming", which is what this whole endeavour could be labelled, if you like your words in an accademic flavour.)

So, what I wanted to know is the following:
Are the people who created this place still active? If so, would they be willing to maybe give some thoughts about the topic?
Or is there somebody else who would like to talk about his/her love for those glorious trainwrecks?

It would be my pleasure.

Chris aka Oozo

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Hi Chris! I'm the one who

Hi Chris!

I'm the one who started the site (as well as the one who contributed the longplay video of The Last Eichhof :) and would be happy to talk at length about why I think bad games are great. (I'd also really really love to see an interview with Alpha Helix.)

Feel free to post questions here, or shoot me a PM via the site, or an email at jeremy at sporktania dot com.

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I wish we had a good name

I wish we had a good name for appreciating and making bad games in English. 'Klikwrecks' isn't general or catchy enough. I'm not eloquent enough to champion what we do effectively anyway, but I know enough to know that labels are the most important thing for those HEARTS and MINDS. I wish we could steal kusoge but that's dorky as hell.

ps we're an amazing community, if you want to post any specific questions to the mob you'll get tonnes of responses right here.

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pps im really drunk--this is

pps im really drunk--this is important