thurs day part ii

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This Thursday, I started making a sequel to thurs day, my IGF Pirate Kart submission that got the most 'wtf' responses. This time, it's the history of art games, not video games, and you can press spacebar in addition to pressing the arrow keys.

The graphics, despite largely resembling the previous game, are entirely original this time. The sounds are mostly original too (thanks, malfunctioning microphone port) supplemented by edited audio from the games I referenced.

A word of warning: thurs day part ii is 'contemplative', which is to say, slow-paced to a fault.

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Before looking at the comments, I never heard of Moondust and would have guessed the first level was a goalless take on Jenova Chen's Cloud. Loved the continuity between the Ico level and the Passage level.

Edit: And by comments, I mean tags.

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As with the first game, I

As with the first game, I used Wikipedia to determine which games to reference. I only played Moondust for the first time this week, though I was previously aware of Jaron Lanier.

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cool! do i always get


do i always get zero

i like that you carry the other square in and then stuff happens to it

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I read the high score screen

I read the high score screen as a dig at The Path's high score screen.

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Correct! Once again, your

Correct! Once again, your interpretation of my game is alarmingly astute. Admittedly I'm not as shocked this time as I was when you identified a Rhythm Tengoku minigame from a roughly 16x10px doodle.

To clarify: a score other than 0 is impossible.

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No contemplative game has

No contemplative game has ever been as justly contemplative.