Unplayable Asteroids

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Okay so after my failed attempt last night to make this as a rules-following 2-hour entry http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/2043 I persevered, and managed to complete the game I intended to complete despite discovering interesting limitations in Polycode/LUA such as (1) you can't remove objects from a physics space and (2) you can't have objects that aren't squares. This was made between 9 PM Friday and 3 PM Saturday and is the first program I have ever made in Lua.

Attached: UNPLAYABLE ASTEROIDS. This is the standard Asteroids we all know, except without the convenience that the new asteroids spawned when an old asteroid is destroyed are smaller than the old asteroid. You'll get the idea quickly

Source code: https://bitbucket.org/runhello/luatest attached version is rev 0522ef253dfd

EDIT: I forgot to mention the stone textures are from http://sxc.hu

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Despite my trick with the standalone player, I have reports that this crashes on anyone's computer except mine and I do not have anymore time to work on this today sorry I tried

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So... instead of only

So... instead of only working on macs, it only works on one specific mac?

(sorry i just found that somewhat amusing. I've had similar problems with PCs)

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the funny thing is, the reason i made it mac only in the first place is the .polyapp file crashed when i tried to run it in the normal player

so i'm like, hm, but if i put it in this standalone player bundle thing i built myself, it will be mac only but it won't crash


the source code is up and i'm sure the problem isn't the source code, it's the way the physics library got bundled in with the polyapp, so if we can find someone who has a working copy of "polybuild" on their machine maybe they can make a .polyapp that runs anywhere but that's like 2 or 3 people in the world at this point? dunno

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you should upload the source

you should upload the source to mediafire or something, it looks like bitbucket only shares if you give other users specific access

(i'm pretty sure i couldn't fix the game but i was curious)

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Oh shit, I accidentally checked the "private" box. Thanks for letting me know

Try again?

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polycode linux support is "coming in the next few weeks" so i can't do much

also it is only an Alpha release so, maybe you should expect it not to work??

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Ugh not that it matters but what I'm actually finding is the "mac" link above runs on some macs but does not crash on other macs. The only pattern I've got so far is that it has worked on all machines running 10.6 or better it was tested on, and crashed on the only 10.5 machine it has been tested on. I will try to fix all this...