Reactor Control

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In this game you play the part of a disillusioned worker at a very well run power plant. One day the power plant goes wrong! But due to planning and good management everything turns out fine. Then another day it goes wrong again! This time it is up to you to fix it. Keep the reactor stable for as long as you can!

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I love the art and the

I love the art and the control scheme. Mechanics could use a bit of work. In conclusion, please come again!

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Got kind of bored after 75

Got kind of bored after 75 seconds. Feels like a prettier and more forgiving version of that tapdance game on the IGF Pirate Kart.

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75 seconds

is long, I don't think I made it that long. I will have to check out this tap dance game.

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it's good. Yeah very similar, spooky.

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More stuff

I spent my lazy Sunday improving (hopefully) the game and adding high scores. At the same link as before.