SquarePush Garden


This is a semi-sequel to SquarePusher by anne laplantine. A few of the mechanics have been simplified or altered so as to more closely resemble similar ones in increpare's English Country Tune.

R - restart puzzle.
Arrows - move yourself.
Esc - exit.

In this game, all of the levels are in easily editable text files. The symbols are as follows:

# - walls. These determine the scale of the viewport when you play the level.
@ - you. You can have multiples of yourself.
> - exit. All of them must be covered by yourself to win.
, - white tile. Plant on all of them to win.
. - check tile.
+ - weed.
O - egg. All of these must be in a basket to win.
X - basket.

Feel free to play the levels in any order.

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Danni's picture

I'd love to see a whole slew

I'd love to see a whole slew of new levels for this.

ExciteMike's picture

Dang. I get a "Failed to

Dang. I get a "Failed to initialize drawing surfaces" popup. Goes on to say my graphics card is not good enough.

anne laplantine's picture

it's nice : )

it's nice : )