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In this game, you are a rabbi, and you must throw latkes at all the boys who were not circumcised when they were 8 days old.

Gemstones will sometimes appear, and if you collect them you earn extra points!

This is my first Glorious Trainwreck. Made with MMF2. Features the rabbi graphic along with some other clipart I found.


EDIT: Minor bug-fixes and edits. Made the game more challenging: children are faster and spawn more frequently as the game continues. The player now loses a candle if a child leaves the bottom of the screen.

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An event


I was clicking random to find something to post to

When I saw this one. I played this before. I really like that sprite it's one of my favorites and seeing it used here is wonderful. I've recently made a super game that uses the sprite, I even tweaked it and did it so like he's charging up when not moving, stuff like that, but yeah not a bad first game, I like the fact that the candles act as a counter for how many mistakes you've made and overall it's nice.