The Poppenkast's 10800 second compo: The Klik of the Month Klub for artsy-fartsy indies

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The Poppenkast is an indie experimental game developer collective whose members include such influential figures as cactus, messhof, and radnom (maker of the incredible Gunlimb which scored #2 in the TIGSource B-Game competition). And apparently they're doing a 3-hour game jam thing now! It might even be... monthly! (Downloads here and here.)

It appears to be much like our Earth KotMK, with the following differences:
Instead of 2 hours: 3 hours.
Instead of Klik & Play: GameMaker.
Instead of everyone making their game at once: Everyone spends their three hours sometime within some deadline (looks like it's usually around a two week period).
Instead of Six making crazy-brilliant conceptual mindfucks: Cactus does it (I assume).

I am pretty tempted to get in on this action! The latest competition is on until the end of July and is open to whoever!

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I'll send them my next KOTM

I'll send them my next KOTM creation, since our requirements are a subset of theirs (we are so much more hardcore). Just to see what they make of it.

edit: WHAT? They don't even require that the three hours be contiguous! That's some serious wishy-washyness there.

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I've decided to turn that

I've decided to turn that requirement into something hardcore -- I'm only developing my game in fits and spurts on the bus. This means about two 7-minute game development periods per weekday, giving me about 2 3/4 hours in which to complete my game by July 31st.

Thus far I have a bulldozer that moves left and right, and a background with some cryptic, pixelly text on it.

PS: "Holy Shit" by Radnom in the "3 Hours To Fame" collection would totally be at home in a KotMK.

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I took the extra hour, tried tweaking the scoring (I thought maybe having health burn more slowly but having each web take more time would lead to a more thoughtful game, but it just wasn't as much fun), added sound fx, a fly wing animation, a title screen and click button, and started recording high scores (for the session) and not just last score.

Black Parchment wrote:

@kirkjerk. Your game was probly the closest to a casual game.

I don't know what HOOOMCH meant, or if it was directed at me in particular, and I"m not sure if that was a compliment or not.

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I kind of missed the

I kind of missed the deadline, but it looks like other people are missing it too, so I might still submit. My game is about a forklift that fires Pacmen at frenetically colour-changing ghooosts. (It's, uh, kind of hard to draw on a trackpad in 7-minute increments on a bus, so I figured I'd use GameMaker's built-in assets.) I'd say most of my effort has been in tweaking mechanics and playtesting, with a not-insignificant portion also going towards bugfixing and stumbling my way around the tool.

Holy crap, I just added up my time spent and I'm five minutes away from 3 hours. Pretty much I have time for one more bugfix busride and then it's submission time, I guess!