Five Golden Rings

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Sonic must collect the Five Golden Rings to put the CHIST back in CHISTMAS! Can he do it?!

Features Sonic Running Like an Idiot(TM).

Bugfix release: It should no longer be the case that you can get stuck inside a building in level 4.
Also, you can now use the number keys to switch between levels if the level 4 glitch bothered you and you don't want to have to play through the game all over again.

Made For: 
An event


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That Sonic runs in almost

That Sonic runs in almost the worst possible way for any given situation is what makes this game simultaneously so great and annoying.

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I am truly feeling the

I am truly feeling the spirit of Klikmas. And Chistmas.

Level 5 was my favorite. I nearly used that exact same MIDI of "Jingle Bell Rock," too, because at my family Christmas party last night, I realized it is the most wonderfully insipid Christmas song.

I really liked the sidescrolling and the snow.

A couple tweaks and this could shine in the quiver of xmas games, but it really brought it out and even had the squirrels so that is important. Level 4 was really beautiful and the effect used there really made you feel like you were there. Level 5 is my favorite and I like the fadeout when you stop moving and there were some really good touches.