Pirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection!!!

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Sat, Feb 25 2012 01:00 AM
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So this Saturday was SUPPOSED to be the Timezone Lottery Klik Jam. But who can think of jamming for only two hours on a separate event when GDC IS NEXT WEEK!?



Pirate* Kart V: The 2012**-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection!!!
(*games not pirated. **will not contain 2012 games. unless it does)

It's happening RIGHT NOW!
The launcher will continue to download games even while AT GDC!!!
Click the giant green button to sign-up/submit your game!

Want to try out the launcher before GDC? Get it HERE!

Q. What is this?

We're making loads of awesome and/or terrible games and taking them to GDC to blow minds with them! Over the weekend of February 25th-26th, everyone is invited to make as many games as they can and submit them here! After the event is over, we will package the games up into a launcher like we did with previous Pirate Karts! And then this March we will be showing them off in a kiosk at the Game Developer's Conference!!!

The kiosk will even continue to download games while on the show floor!

Q. Who can participate?

ANYONE! EVERYONE! If you or anyone you know makes games, or even just has an interest in making games, we would love to have you all participate! If you've never made a game before, we think Klik & Play is pretty easy to learn! but any tool is allowed and there are lots of great ones out there!

Q. What are the rules? What kind of games are allowed?

The Pirate Kode has only one firm rule: If the rules are getting in the way of you making games, disregard them! To put it another way: Cheating is encouraged.
But we have some guidelines for you if you want some direction!

  • Try to make each game in 2 hours or less! Don't worry if you go over, though. And feel free to prepare as much as you want ahead of time. Art, music, game ideas, even code!
  • Unlike the recent IGF Pirate Kart, with this one we're looking for games made for this event specifically!
  • It's a good idea to include what the controls are on the title screen! Unfortunately you can't really count on people actually reading the game description!
  • It's also really nice if people can exit the games by hitting escape.
  • If you don't stick to these guidelines, that's okay! WE WANT YOU AND YOUR GAMES ANYWAY!


Get yourself comfortable with some development environment, then when Pirate Kart Weekend arrives, MAKE GAMES LIKE CRAZY!!!


SWEET! First, sign up for a Glorious Trainwrecks account if you haven't yet (you can do that here). Then click this, fill in the form, upload a game and a screenshot and submit and then YOUR GAME IS IN THE KART!

Q. Weren't you asking for money?

It got fully moneyed on Kickstarter!

Q. Where are the game ideas people gave as Kickstarter rewards?

Right here! There are THIRTY games that need to get made! If you could update that spreadsheet as you start working on them and with the link when you finish, we can hopefully avoid overlap and Mike will be able to contact folks when their games are made!

Q. I want to make a game, but can't code!

No prob! There is a lot of free tools for your game-making needs!

Klik n' Play is the classic. Outdated, limited, buggy and absolutely wonderful for churning masses games.
Construct 2 uses HTML5 and you can create a nifty on-line game.
Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine
Scratch (converter to standalone exe files: http://chirp.scratchr.org/dl/ChirpCompiler-setup.exe
Stencyl Creates iOS and Flash games!
Oh! My! Game!
BYOND (simple programming language)
Novashell (script-based)
The Scrolling Game Development Kit
The Scrolling Game Development Kit 2
Adventure Game Studio
Game Maker Lite
Ray Game Designer II
Unity 3D

Making games isn't just for programmers!

Q. How can I hang out and chat with everybody?
We have an IRC channel! More info on that here!
You can also post right here on this event page! Or leave a comment on a game page!

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Games made for Pirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection!!!


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I have been wanting this so

I have been wanting this so bad. This is the best news. Blocking out my calendar now.

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might as well jump the shark

might as well jump the shark with this one

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brb, front-paging this shit

brb, front-paging this shit

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Someone donated $1000 (or more)!

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Are we allowed to use

Are we allowed to use Klipart in this one?

ExciteMike's picture

You are allowed to use

You are allowed to use Klipart SO HARD

Danni's picture

Also important: Will the

Also important: Will the game descriptions go into the Kart this time? I'm assuming yes because you're encouraging the use of the site to submit games?

Are you allowed to use the

Are you allowed to use the entire 48 hours to make a game? I'm kind of new to this and am not sure if I could even do it in that amount of time but really want to try.

Danni's picture

Quantity over quality.The

Quantity over quality.

The two hour limit is really more of a guideline because we want to be able to reach our goal of some two thousand games. I mean, there's nothing stopping you from going over.

Still, why not explore your options? I assure you, you'll be able to make a game in two hours with the right tools. We have two Klik of the Month events coming up before Pirate Kart V so you could use those to practice.

thesycophant's picture

Are we again encouraged to

Are we again encouraged to basically make a bunch of "sequels" or alternate versions of the same game to achieve massive quantity? I meant to make like 20 versions of my game last time, but didn't allot enough time to do it.

Danni's picture

That sounds like a wonderful

That sounds like a wonderful idea.

We need to try and make sequels to other people's Kart games too. It's easy and fun and adds humor to the Kart.

snapman's picture

"Terrible in a way that is awesome"

To set this kart apart, we could try to emphasize "It is not about unfinished, unplayable games. If any part of a glorious trainwreck is terrible, it is terrible in a way that is AWESOME".


nihilocrat's picture

Shit Snake 2 : Gaiden : the

Shit Snake 2 : Gaiden : the Reckoning

Danni's picture

Shit Snake 2: Now with

Shit Snake 2: Now with diarrhea splatters!

(Dear God why)

I think its about time to

I think its about time to relearn Gamemaker and game development programs in general

By the way #PirateKartV ?

By the way #PirateKartV ?

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The last Pirate Kart was

The last Pirate Kart was mentioned as one of Kill Screen's Best of 2011: http://killscreendaily.com/articles/high-scores-best-2011

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Tools rules

What are the rules for tools/engines? Can I make a game in Flash, for example, or do I have to use KNP?

Danni's picture

As long as it can be run

As long as it can be run from Win32, whatever tool you use should be fine.

Actually, I just had a thought. Should we convert all the Klik & Play games into a 32-bit medium? Or will there not be enough time for that?

ExciteMike's picture

For GDC, I will try to get a

For GDC, I will try to get a 32bit system to run them. After that I think I will try to do conversions. I may wait until after GDC to make it available to the general public so we can do that kind of thing.

I should also finally spring for MMF2 so I am not adding that logo-on-exit when I use TGF for converting.

Danni's picture

Wouldn't the first TGF be

Wouldn't the first TGF be better for conversion? The runtime has less behavioral changes than MMF2/TGF2.

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IF i'll go balls to the walls with this thing my preferred tool would still probs be knp (despite my growing hatred of it. mozart5 will be possibly my last non-special event knp game when i do it)

what i want to know is how well does something like yakf2, or even better/worse, the third one convert to 32-bit

not that i'll do games of that scale, just curious how much a chance something more complex has of breaking, if any

i could just always pirate game maker though

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Did someone say pirate kart

Did someone say pirate kart event? Signed in. This time *will* provide something playable.

Any chance for tee/poster shipping to europe?

ExciteMike's picture

Yeah! If you wanted to

Yeah! If you wanted to donate a bit extra to help cover the extra shipping costs, it would be much appreciated!

This'll be glorious. Just

This'll be glorious. Just glorious.

(But what if I want to do over 2012 games??)


All over this one, been meaning to get in on this action for ages. Kickstarter donation inbound (get paid on Monday), I'll throw some extra in for poster shipping to UK if it's ok to ship here?

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So this incredibly impolite

So this incredibly impolite spambot decided to flood the site with countless posts of spam. In the vein of Spamusement I propose that we make games based off of and named after the text from the spambot's posts:

Late Errors
Man Marine
We Go Together
Quickly Go
Strong and Really Good
? to Keep Up With
Make Money
No Clothes
Think About How to Do
Go With
Stroll the Store

I claim stroll the store and

I claim stroll the store and late errors!

markp0rter's picture

boy you won't believe how

boy you won't believe how excited I am about this. I've got a shitload of crappy yet amusing game ideas. I am definitely in and while I probably won't be able to provide as much as I'd love to I will provide at least one title.

Is it possible to submit slightly altered versions of my original title since it's a pirate kart and turn 1 title into 5 in the end?

You know like Super Mario, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, The Super Mario Brothers, The Super Brothers Mario and so on (at least that's the stuff my pirate kart from Spain got).

IF that's possible how do I submit this? Can I submit each piece individually and treat it as if it was an original submission OR would this be considered to be spammy as fuck (Which I think it is) and just submit ONE zip file with my different copies of one and the same game. IF I just submit it ONCE what would I name the game given the fact it would of course have different names for each different version?

Lots of questions I hope we can get cleared.

Anyways I am super excited and want to be part of this great project. I've got a very good friend of mine who is a great programmer/game maker to join as well (he hasn't singed up yet but said he wants to do something as well).

So yeh looking forward to all your games :)

ExciteMike's picture

I'm not sure what the heck

I'm not sure what the heck the launcher should do in the case where people submit multiple games in one zip.

This kart isn't part of a contest. We aren't charging money for it. We ain't got nothing to prove to nobody. We even already have a 10-part thing submitted as 10 separate games!

I'm sure SOMEONE who downloads the Kart will get annoyed but fuck that hypothetical person. I say 5 slight variations of a game is quite acceptable! Desirable, even!

ExciteMike's picture

knpmangle is also totally

knpmangle is also totally within bounds: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/465

alfredofreak's picture

This is GOLD. I'm looking

This is GOLD. I'm looking forward to creating godawful games and making them "better". :D

Danni's picture

Ah, cool. I'm taking "Strong

Ah, cool. I'm taking "Strong and Really Good" and "Think About How to Do".

Strong's picture

Would it be cool if I made

Would it be cool if I made "Strong and Really Good"? Because I'd really like to.

Danni's picture

You're participating in

You're participating in this?

Awesome! Of COURSE you can use "Strong and Really Good"! Knock yourself out, man!

Edit: The following spam game names are now reserved to their respective people:

Late Errors - trumad
Man Marine - nihilocrat
Quickly Go - Zecks
Strong and Really Good - Strong
? to Keep Up With - Zecks
Make Money - nihilocrat
Think About How to Do - EffBee
Go With - EffBee
Stroll the Store - trumad

These are still up for grabs:

We Go Together
No Clothes

Blueberry Soft's picture

I'll take whatever god--

I'll take whatever god damned names I wish, thank you very much!

haha, I was mostly kidding!

haha, I was mostly kidding! Now I feel pressure to make Stroll the store and late errors. And they might end up being crap! So feel free to steal, just let me know and that means I won't duplicate.

Danni's picture

Well, the whole point of the

Well, the whole point of the list was to avoid the possibility of duplicates, but whatever.

Then again, since game info can be edited, I assume that if two people made "Stroll the Store" one could just rename theirs to "Stroll the Store 2".

nihilocrat's picture

I hereby relinquish Man

I hereby relinquish Man Marine, I can only think of a pretty straightforward shooter, I'd like to see what other people do.

Zecks's picture

so yeah

if everything goes well i should finally have everything in my life for quite a while sorted out when the time for this comes, which should bring back my motivation to a long-needed maximum.
i'm not sure that i can say the same about my imagination though, so i'm gonna need some reserve ideas then so i can put stuff out faster.

i'm gonna take at least "? to Keep Up With" and "Quickly Go"

also, how will we distribute the 25 prize-games? (which of only six are reserved atm :C)

nihilocrat's picture

I might be up for doing "Man

I might be up for doing "Man Marine" or "Quickly Go", or even "? to Keep Up With". I kind of want to do "Make Money" in the style of some surrealist interactive gangsta rap video.

Danni's picture

More spamusement! Who wants

More spamusement! Who wants to make:

Can Critically Large Bags
One to Surely Fulfill All
Anyway the Krystal Simpson
And Make Your Affordable
Improve Eyebrows This Fall
Account From the Exact Exact Time
Provide Really a Lot
Hook or Robber

snapman's picture

spamity spam

Don't forget "Hot Clavicle." I think SpindlyQ deleted that one, though.

markp0rter's picture

Okay in that case I will

Okay in that case I will submit 5 individual games separately which are slight alterations / sequels of the original title.
The annoying thing about real pirate karts is that it was always the same game so when I played Donkey Kong Escape or Land it was just Mario Land and I was like "damn it not this one again! Those bastards got me again "it's really frustrating and loly at the same time like "hm what might be hidden behind this name? "

Pedro Paiva's picture

Finishing an unfinished game

I'm working on a short game, and it's unfinished, then I've noticed about Pirate Kart V. I can submit a finished version of this game, same that it don't have been planned to Pirate Kart?

Pedro Paiva's picture

Noticing a fraud!

Psychedelic Assassin Squad is a stolen game, it wasn't made by Samusetroid, but by a guy named DARSHELL BEAR. His site here: http://www.darshell.co.nr/

Beware with this kid, he edits the credits in-game then publish it in your own site.

Give a look in their blog, all the projects are stolen from Darshell: http://samusetroid.blogspot.com/

SpindleyQ's picture

Well, that makes me

SpindleyQ's picture

Thanks so much for bringing

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention, though.

ExciteMike's picture

Not that I know anything you

Not that I know anything you guys don't, but did we try checking with Darshell to make sure they don't know each other and work on those games together?

SpindleyQ's picture

Thank you for this

Thank you for this level-headed idea. I have sent him a message on Twitter. If he replies that samusetroid's behaviour is okay with him, I will revert my edits and offer my sincere and profuse apologies to samusetroid.

SpindleyQ's picture

Also, if that were the case,

Also, if that were the case, I'm not sure why he would remove Darshell's credit.

nihilocrat's picture

It sounds like it's

It sounds like it's complicated, like there was some falling out in the relationship during or after development. Perhaps Darshell did a very tiny amount of work and samus continued on later, that's the only situation where I could understand removal from the credits but I wouldn't see that as really justified.

snapman's picture


There's something ironic about pirating a game for the pirate kart....

thesycophant's picture

Sorry if I'm being overly

Sorry if I'm being overly rules-focused (I know the site's not terribly big on rules, which is great), but even if samusetroid isn't some kind of fraud, isn't submitting a game that's clearly an already-finished project that probably took considerably more than a day to develop and wasn't designed with the Pirate Kart in mind kind of against the spirit of the Pirate Kart or even Glorious Trainwrecks? Not that every single game ought to be a borderline unplayable KnP sprite-a-palooza, but it seems like a violation of something this site's about. The site and its Pirate Karts are starting to get a fair bit of attention (so much so, that I half-regret submitting a game to the Timezone Lottery Klik Jam instead of the Pirate Kart because people (GTers and others alike) are much more likely to play my crummy three-hour game in a Pirate Kart), and though we have a lot of great people who make really amazing things here, I don't know that the Pirate Kart ought to be a platform where indie developers just submit all their unpopular games (longtime labors of love included) to get a larger audience and maybe some publicity.

No offense to samusetroid, especially if he isn't pulling some kind of plagiarism. But the whole thing has me wondering where the Pirate Kart's spirit is. Not really arguing for a McCarthyesque inquisition or some kind of purity check, but I dunno. Just thinking.

ExciteMike's picture

We're not really worried

We're not really worried about the trainwreckiness of the Pirate Kart getting diluted are we? :)

Jokes aside, yeah it's maybe - probably, even - against the GT/Pirate Kart spirit. Whatever that is. But I suspect that trying to nail down what that spirit is (or, God forbid, enforce it) would do more harm than good, and the harm of getting extra games that aren't true to the GT spirit is pretty much nil.

nihilocrat's picture

No, it's not in the spirit

No, it's not in the spirit of this particular kart. I would merely suggest that people be aware of the "spirit" and try to follow it, without us having to enforce anything.

I was just a little bummed when people put games that were actually decent on the IGF Pirate Kart. :B

SpindleyQ's picture

You raise good points. It's

You raise good points. It's good to think about what this place is, and what it's for, and not get carried away with something we don't like just because people are talking about it. It's such a foreign idea to me, that someone might want to put up games here for the publicity, but it is one that is apparently now worth considering. I'm still trying to get my head around it, and I apologize in advance for missteps I will inevitably make while doing so. I kind of feel like I've already gotten off on the wrong foot, to be honest.

I would say that Glorious Trainwrecks is about encouraging and celebrating the weird, silly, broken, and/or personal in videogames. It is inclusive, in that we not only welcome games made by anyone, and are generally kind and welcoming to people, but also try to give them the tools to make things; both by promoting technologies that allow non-programmers to make stuff, and by removing roadblocks to creativity. Klik of the Month Klub came about not because I wanted people to make things in two hours, necessarily, but because I wanted people to make anything at all, no matter how terrible, and put it out there.

Why are we going to GDC? I feel like it's because we want to showcase the diverse voices in games, and remind people that games can be anything. Of course, it's also because it's going to be so much fucking fun to make a shitload of terrible games together and then show them off at a major industry event. But I think part of the magic is that everyone, from IGF finalists to teenagers who've never written a line of code, is invited.

(That kind of thinking makes me want to unban samusetroid and invite him to make games with us, btw.)

thesycophant's picture

I fear I was probably too

I fear I was probably too severe and dramatic in my tone. Sorry about that. I love the inclusiveness of Glorious Trainwrecks above all else, and it really has gotten me actively creative again outside of the Karts and Klubs. It's my favorite creative exercise, and this is maybe my favorite corner of the Internet at present.

And I absolutely agree with everything you say about why we're going to GDC. I'm so excited at the prospect of that, and the sheer madness and fun the last weekend of February promises.

snapman's picture

some thoughts

For what it's worth, I'd rather we get more games made by getting more people to make games, instead of just a few regulars churning out a million variants of something they already made. More interesting variety will come naturally from getting more cooks in this kitchen.

I have been thinking a lot about the whole "quick as you can" aspect, because it seems to conflict with the "get people to make their first game" thing. Making a game in 2 hours (or less) is easy for people familiar with the tools... not so much for those just starting out. Yeah, there's a million and one game jams now, at all levels of experience, but KOTM has been a fun middle-ground. Everyone chatting on IRC is ready to help you with whatever you're working on. The deadline is just a bonus-points target, lots of people go way over. You get to see old pros make something relatively complex at lightning speed, and you get to see new folk learning how to make a yellow jogger slide left and shoot a banana at an Elvis impersonator. That's what I love.

Posting a full-length polished game on Glorious Trainwrecks for publicity is weird. Do they want to call their game a trainwreck? There's better places to promote your game (without all the self-deprecation). Diamonds can be found in the rough, but putting your diamond in the rough is going about it backwards. Glorious Trainwrecks is a workshop first and a showcase second.

Another thing. Game jams are weird when a celebrity enters, and all the reporting on the game jam is about the game that celebrity made. Someday I'd like to set up a nameless jam, where the entrant list is published, but the games are unlabeled. Or a diptych jam, where everybody makes exactly two games. I have a lot of ideas on this topic.

Pedro Paiva's picture

games with care

I'm new at Glorious Trainwrecks and I'm trying to get the philosofy behind all these events, specially the Pirate Kart because I loved this concept - a virtual cartridge as a reference to the old real cartridges with pirate collections. Then I'm working on uncommon games according to my other works. But I thought "my games need to be horrible, I need try to make horrible games, or try to make games that looks weird to me is sufficient?". I think it because I'm putting some care (specially in the drawings) in these games. Make games with care is against the Pirate Kart philosofy?

snapman's picture

what you want in the time you have

Don't feel pressured to make your game in a specific way. Make what you want. Don't try to "fit in". Just be yourself, and make your game. This is about freedom, not restrictions.

SpindleyQ's picture

No, I'd say there are a

No, I'd say there are a number of games that were made with a lot of care and effort. I kind of think of the "horrible games" concept as a way to try and trick myself into not holding back. Instead of thinking, "that's a terrible idea, maybe I should just give up and do something else," I think, "that's a terrible idea, guess I'll run with it!" And because we have a supportive community that expects that not everything everyone produces will be polished, it allows you to get past that hurdle and see what comes out the other side.

But basically, if you're creating stuff for the joy of doing it, you are a friend to this community.

nihilocrat's picture


Blitzkast has a similar philosophy to Glorious Trainwrecks, but doesn't necessarily carry an air of trash games or encourage you to use Klik & Play (but no one's discouraging you!), in case you are curious. The philosophy is "MAK GAEMS", the very few rules are just for guidance if it's needed, much like klik of the month. http://www.thepoppenkast.com/tag/blitzkast/

nihilocrat's picture

Homework assignment. Find a

Homework assignment.

Find a total stranger and help them make a game.

If you are a nerd like me, incapable of interacting with strangers, do it with a friend who has never made a game before. Maybe this could be a jam?

Alternatively, let them take the role of designer and/or artist, like the Ponycorn game.

kirkjerk's picture

on recruiting

So I was thinking about trying to pitch this to the bostonindies group and also the folks who were at MIT for the Global Gamejam

But what you say about regular vs more people.

The thing is, I never have had much patience for Klik N play and the like, as a coder I find it hugely disempowering (despite the lovely clipart).

Which is ok, this place seems open to my Processing artsy-ish shtuff and I love the excuse and urge to make things

So what tools should I suggest newbiews use? Like maybe I can pitch this also to the non-coders, the art and sound and designer and qa people in the industry and what not, but I don't know what tool to recommend to them

And then too I think about if I should offer to pair up, like improv comedy, have people shout out ideas for 2d ish games and try to build on those...


daphaknee's picture

no fuck this i made my very

no fuck this i made my very first game in 2 and a half hours in klik n play for kotm IF DAPHNY CAN MAKE A GAME ANYONE CAN

ExciteMike's picture

That would be an extremely

That would be an extremely classy move. (unbanning samusetroid and inviting him to make games with us I mean)

sergiocornaga's picture

I concur. He seems to have

I concur. He seems to have atoned for his misdeeds and wants to be unbanned!

Healy's picture

Is there some way to Knytt

Is there some way to Knytt Stories levels to be a part of this, or would that just be a pipe dream?

snapman's picture


Wouldn't it be more fun to try making a platformer with a simple level editor yourself?

ExciteMike's picture

That would be way cool. Is

That would be way cool. Is there a way to install/launch one from the command line? Is Knytt Stories open source? If someone could hack together a build that plays a level and exits, we'd be set!

I'd say go ahead and submit to the kart at least. If the launcher can't deal with it, folks can move on to the next game (or I can make the launcher skip Knytt stories completely)

Danni's picture

I believe the latest version

I believe the latest version of Knytt Stories includes the source as an .mfa.

It's data-driven, so I imagine one could just throw the levels into the Worlds folder and add in command-line functionality to select a specific one to play.

sergiocornaga's picture

A modified version would be

A modified version would be totally possible and pretty awesome! I sent Nifflas an email to make sure he's OK with such an inclusion and it seems he's very enthusiastic about the idea, so anyone with the know-how should feel free to go ahead with this!

TheCube's picture

Oh man I will probly make a

Oh man I will probly make a knytt story. Is this happening?

ExciteMike's picture

Yes! It is in and working!

Yes! It is in and working!

TheCube's picture

eff yes, totally raddddd

eff yes, totally raddddd

markp0rter's picture

I've sat down and made a

I've sat down and made a game in under 2 hours because I felt like it and I think I won't have any time when that train wreck actually takes place cause I think that day we will throw a birthday party for a mate who is turning 30. so anyways I hope its OKAY if I already sit down and make something in ADVANCE if I just don't do a big, polished game. Overall I've made train wrecks before so I know what a train wreck is and I REALLY want to contribute something to that pirate kart.

so yeh I hope thats cool and fine with everyone.

jonbro's picture


I just did my first unity game for this, and it is 22 mb!!! what the hell. I guess I will submit it anyway even though it totally isn't worth it.

Radix's picture

Inside unity check your

Inside unity check your resources in the inspector, you can adjust compression (telling it to turn your wavs into oggs helps a lot) and scale down textures etc from there. Also if you build for the webplayer you can remove all that overhead and end up with a file that's only a meg or three.

jonbro's picture

Thanks for the tips. Will

Thanks for the tips. Will rebuild. Are we going to be able to embed a shared runtime in the pirate kart? My game doesn't have a ton of assets, I think it is just the runtime pushing the filesize up.

Also like an idiot, I am using the 3.5 beta, so it doesn't run on the old webplayer. I imagine I could open the game in the old version though, because there is literally nothing happening that couldn't be done with the old version

ExciteMike's picture

If I can figure out how to

If I can figure out how to do shared runtime thing and a way for the launcher to tell which games use it, that'd be be pretty slick, but at the moment I don't have those things figured out. You probably want to post the full thing anyway so that if someone grabs your game through the website instead of the Pirate Kart launcher it'll still work.

I guess it's a bit wasteful filesize-wise but we'll deal. :)

jonbro's picture

I posted a question on the

I posted a question on the unity answers, hopefully someone will get back to me. You could also run google chrome with a command line switch for a custom plugin path. I seem to recall that there was a way to make a gui free version of google chrome with custom plugins, and that might be a solution as well.

I am kinda interested in this because I want to make like 5 more unity games, but if they are going to be 20 megs a pop, then there is no way I am going to do it.

The full pack including standalones for win / mac as well as the standard webplayer, and the google naCl version has already been posted, so at worst that will be there.

Danni's picture

There's a Google Native

There's a Google Native Client version?!

Please please please use that one. Maybe I'll actually be able to run it correctly.

Healy's picture

Not that this has anything

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but would anybody like to make Music Video Producer?

Actually, you could spin a lot of trainwrecks out of that comic, I bet.

Zecks's picture

i might just make a shithuge

i might just make a shithuge insanely bonkers mozart 5 contrary to everything i've said

should i cheat just to make pirate kart v more epic

ExciteMike's picture

bending/ignoring the rules

bending/ignoring the rules like that is strongly encouraged!

Zecks's picture

holy shit i just got an

holy shit i just got an INSANE idea (possibly literally)

yie-ar kung fu and mozart might inexplicably exist in the same universe all of a sudden

i have no idea how i'll retcon this shit but

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn the concept is too good to pass up

i just hope knp can handle a 1:30 opening

Zecks's picture

okay i think i came up with

okay i think i came up with the retcon which actually isn't a retcon and makes perfect sense

now i just need to make the goddamn thing

snapman's picture

Mutually Fictional

Just make them mutually fictional universes, so the characters play each other's games in their game.

Zecks's picture

i think im gonna do the game

i think im gonna do the game first this time around just to be safe, though i hope i can squeeze the opening movie in there. it just won't make sense otherwise. the sheer epic stupidity of the opening validates any and all plotholes i'll then introduce.

Zecks's picture

abort abort

yeah it was pretty obvious this wouldn't last long. i'll likely revert into my original plans for this.

i might also just post it standalone non-kart. it was og supposed to be for the upcoming kotm but i'll be on a trip then and i haven't really done anything.

if i had enough experience in something else than knp/gm i'd surely be all over this, but i don't and i'm pretty crap at the genre it was gonna be.
i guess i just don't want to make big joke games anymore until i get real because it's about time i start getting. i'm incredibly prone to being blinded by "epic ideas" still but nowadays i come to senses pretty fast. (yie-ar kung-fu 3 as an example of not)

but there's always the future though! will i become an amazing dev and be able to put out these "epic joke games" alongside serious stuff, or will i become jokegamecorrupted?

Zecks's picture


i changed my mind. again. i really really want to do this now.

but unfortunately, im at record low on free time so i don't know can i even bother starting this.

Zecks's picture

final decision

im gonna go with the old plans

as soon as i got into the fighting parts everything went unironically shitty
the point of the series was to throw whatever the fuck i felt like into a big ball of dumb but they actually needed to be genuinely good to go with the "seriousness" of the mozarts and the fact i wanted them to be really kickass anyway.
i'm pretty sure i still used up every last one of my ideas on yakf3 though and keep forgetting it on a monthly basis.

Danni's picture

Which old plan? I count,

Which old plan? I count, like, five.

Zecks's picture

dunno just one that doesn't

dunno just one that doesn't have yie-ar kung-fu taking place not too long before infomation

still doesn't explain what aladdin and yellow runner (aladdin refers to the yakftimes iirc) are doing in hell (they hadn't been there for too long, yr said he was just testing and aladdin was gonna get out pretty soon. also when bartender opens all the jail cells i put yellow runner as one of the random generated escapees. theres all sorts of inconsistency. bartender was the one who said the first cursewords at the end of 2 but i think that was supposed to be mozart and i didn't care.)

markp0rter's picture

Are people actually

Are people actually expecting high quality games? I saw this let's play video on youtube of some dude playing the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart


I've to admit the first games are very good and high quality. Once the trainwrecks kicked in the dude got super pissed off and just didn't get it. I think it's bloody hilarious to see someone get kind of trolled by lousy games and just getting angry because he doesn't get it.

another thing people don't get is THE SHIFT KEY. clickteam's love for the SHIFT key is confusing the hell out of people so I feel like using SHIFT even more now for extra lulz

anyways i just felt like addressing this. i think a trainwreck... well IS a train wreck if its somehow awful but playable and enjoyable and it isnt really a trainwreck if it's just a lovely and well done mini game which it seems to me people who don't know trainwrecks are expecting.

Zecks's picture

a lot of the igf pirate kart

a lot of the igf pirate kart was games people had already made without limits or "trainwreck mindsets" so some of them were actually serious games or at least mostly inoffensive generic indie poop

i've been mulling a lot over the "trainwreck spirit" (read more) and stuff lately.
on the other hand i don't really have a problem with the small games such as this,
but i've always found the true meat of the site to be in joke games and either their almost artistic hilarity or bizarre atmosphere (sometimes both).
lately i've felt though that the joke aspect has gotten more forced (i'm very guilty) and that the atmosphere has mostly been lost. if i ever actually can put this into words i'll talk more.

also i sense the problem getting possibly much worse with this kart yet there being no way to prevent it
as for what the cause actually is, im guessing it has to do with glorious trainwrecks getting "popular" and newer people not understanding the site,
let alone in the way i or someone else look at it.

(for some kind of example as to what i'm talking about, the Acupuncture bits up there strike me as being the complete opposite of the point of GT.
the author clearly intended them as "joke games", but they are modeled after the worst indie circlejerk genre and don't actually contain any other joke than them being bad and annoying. (fact: most of the time "ironically" making something stupid actually isn't funny) worse, it's split up into ten games which is really dumb since they will devalue the novelty of the high game count(imo it'd be the best to NOT do the 10 versions of games thing, unless you can make it really funny. even then though it'll probably be better than these games))
(if you're reading this ben, no offense. i just simply don't like them)

I'm stupid.

Zecks's picture

no indies were harmed in the making of that post

people might get this already, but i probably should confess clearly and openly that i'm an indie hater

however, it just happens to be that only indies/other amateur developers will ever do the joke/bizarre thing, and that you don't really need to be a great/100% nonretarded developer in order to do it. (though a lot of potential on the joke side is still lost. thankfully the full potential is reeeeallly high so losing some isn't so bad.)

jesus it's so hard to want to become not only the most serious game developer in the world, but simultaneously try to deal with my jokegame darkside and use it for good.
and if it's hard now, just wait for the future

SpindleyQ's picture

What ended up happening with

What ended up happening with the IGF Pirate Kart was that a fair number of people who made their living writing games put some of their less successful games in it, rather than entering them on their own into the IGF. (I rather enjoyed subverting that trend by including games that I made in QBASIC when I was twelve.) We're not exactly sticklers for "rules" here, but I think that Mike has tried to make it clearer this time around that the GDC Pirate Kart isn't about that kind of thing.

I should bug Mike about the possibility of streaming a GDC Pirate Kart ReactionCam live from the expo floor.

jonbro's picture

the livestream of the mit

the livestream of the mit gambit lab playing the gdc pirate kart was a far more understanding playthrough of the pirate kart. They seemed to understand the spirit of the kart a bunch more. I wish that there was a recording of it, because it was genuinely funny and insightful.

thesycophant's picture



Blueberry Soft's picture



If I'm not around...

If I'm gonna be busy during that weekend, is it okay if I designate myself a 48 hour timeslot some other time and crank out games then?

Zecks's picture

read around a bit

im p sure you can

ExciteMike's picture



Blueberry Soft's picture

look at all

Yeah, look at all these other glorious cheating fucks already submitting games.

Danni's picture

Woo I'm a cheating fuck!

Woo I'm a cheating fuck! \o/

I'm only cheating for the Twitter parody stuff. Everything else I'll be doing during the event.

Zecks's picture

i was gonna cheat with mozart 5

but it looks like i've got enough of knp for quite a while. i have zero motivation to do it even though i have some good ideas.

i'll still be piratekartin' with knp though because eh

Okay I've done 3 with 3

Okay I've done 3 with 3 hours of work spread between them. I CAN KEEP UP THIS PACE.

kirkjerk's picture


We have 34 submissions already???
We don't have to wait til the weekend??

ExciteMike's picture

Anybody need an expo pass for GDC 2012?

I have two or maybe three expo passes that didn't go in the Kickstarter! There's no use in them going to waste!
Not promising anything yet, but if an expo pass would make the difference in whether you or someone you know goes to GDC, email mike at meyermike dot com about it!

Noyb's picture


Saw this twitter account in my "Who to Follow" list. Just wanted to make sure it's actually one of us who's behind it.

SpindleyQ's picture

Yep, it's me. Figured if we

Yep, it's me. Figured if we did the built-in Twitter client thing, it would make sense to have an account for it to tweet from.

Smedis2's picture


We have a lot of games,and the kart event hasn't even started. Maybe we will reach 2012.
Just a thought.

Zecks's picture

54 isn't really that

54 isn't really that much

and it's been over the last month

there's only twice as much people signed up currently than PK2 and 2012 is nearly 4 times that

it will boost when the actual event starts though, but somehow i think it'll be not as easy as it seems. i believe that most non-regulars won't really do much games and it's up to us to ONCE AGAIN TAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE PLUNGE INTO GLORY!

ExciteMike's picture

Wasn't me. I'm operating on

Wasn't me. I'm operating on the assumption that SpindleyQ set it up (@PirateKart I mean)

GoreCore's picture

Is there any chance to make

Is there any chance to make a glorious cracktro for this one, too?

ExciteMike's picture

If people get them to me

If people get them to me quickly! Actually the tight deadline is just for GDC. I plan to keep working on it afterwards and add some of the more fancy stuff before I do an official release.

daphaknee's picture

i wanna make all twine games

i wanna make all twine games for this i can do that right

ExciteMike's picture

Twine games come out as

Twine games come out as html, right? They should work great!

GoreCore's picture

To keep the oldschool

To keep the oldschool spirit, I could make some trainers for games.
Will post a test cracktro tomorrow.

Danni's picture

That sounds hilarious. How

That sounds hilarious.

How would you pull it off, though?

GoreCore's picture

Not for all of the games,

Not for all of the games, mind you. Just those that even have some kind of life count or something, and even then for those where it does have a purpose. The trainer creation thing is quite easy if you use some tools (good ol Magic Trainer Creator comes to mind, and OSDM which I'm using for cracktro apparently does have a trainer feature, but bit harder to include than MTC).

Danni's picture

Oh, awesome. So the GDC

Oh, awesome. So the GDC version is sort of a "sneak peek" in a sense? The Pirate Kartwork for PKII was a lot of fun and I can totally get behind doing it again for PKV.

ExciteMike's picture

Added a list of game ideas

Added a list of game ideas to the bottom of the FAQ!

hugs's picture

melon collie confirmed for

melon collie confirmed for goty

Healy's picture

How do I edit Google docs? I

How do I edit Google docs? I wanted to claim an idea, but I couldn't figure out how.

SpindleyQ's picture

Looks like you right-clicked

Looks like you right-clicked the cell and selected "Add Comment"? I pasted the comment into the cell for you.

You should just be able to select a cell with the mouse or arrows, and start typing.

Blueberry Soft's picture

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

FlaviusMaximus's picture

Those games I already posted

Those games I already posted were just for fun. When the pirate kart starts, i will make the games FOR the pirate kart. I hope you guys don't mind.

kirkjerk's picture

Boston Area Folk?


tl;dr: I'm hosting a weekend of 2-hour-games game jammery in Arlington for the 2012 GDC Pirate Kart Feb 25-26. Even if you can't join in there you should think about making games!

First off, see my awesome HTML5 interactive event poster at http://studio.sketchpad.cc/sp/pad/view/Wo6LczAWMK/latest


Did you know if you type "pirate cart" (with or without the quotes) into Google it comes back
Did you mean: "pirate kart"
Probably 'cause of this:http://www.piratekart.com/igfpiratekart.html the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart...

The community at GloriousTrainwrecks.com, with their 5 year tradition of the Klik of the Month, the original(?) 2 hour game jam, made some waves at the IGF... (it put the Karters and Trainwrecks founder Jeremy Penner in IGN's Top 30 Games People of 2011 list)


The gang has kickstarted a kiosk on the GDC expo floor! All over the world folks are gonna MAKE A KRAZY AMOUNT OF GAMES and BLOW THE GDC AWAY WITH A SIMPLE MESSAGE: MAKING GAMES IS A GAME ANYONE CAN PLAY AND SHOULD.

How can you join in? BY MAKING AS MANY GAMES AS YOU CAN THE WEEKEND OF FEB 25-26 2012 AND SENDING THEM IN -- see http://www.piratekart.com/ for more info

BUT EVEN BETTER-- my ever patient sweetie Amber has agreed to let me host a gathering that weekend at our place in Arlington. We probably have room for 4-6 jammers, 6-8 if they like each other. Jamming is more fun when it's social!

The infamous Darius has said he should be good for coming over and making a few games. If there's an overwhelming response to this we might seek a larger venue, but for now, if you're interested email me at kirkjerk at gmail and come hang out and make games and be awesome!

Details: I live in East Arlington. Easy walk from Alewife. I'll plan to be jamming at least from like 10-midnight Saturday and 11-5 or 6 Sunday. Email me if your interested and I'll get you address and phone info.

Admittedly I'm gearing this more at Koders who feel like they can pull together some little game play mechanic in around 2 hours (or a bit more, no one is really timing you) on their own. The ancient "Klik and Play" no-code-game-maker was the original choice for the site... Personally I use "Processing", a lot of people use GameMaker and some such...
(I think with future jams, we might gear this more to helping people get up to speed. And if you're on the bubble but know some kind of tool a bit, you should give it a try... the original Klik of the Month 2 hour guideline is meant to free people from perfectionism in favor of AWESOMETERRIFICISM.)

So let me know if you want to stop by and hang and enjoy people's creativity -- AND YOUR OWN!
Even if you can't make it, say a word if you might give it a shot at your own place and your own time, I'm trying to help get Boston into the spirt of GUNS BLAZIN' GAME JAMMIN


Danni's picture

It's stupid extrapolation

It's stupid extrapolation time!

For Pirate Kart II, 41 people signed up for email notifications. 102 people made 529 games.
For Pirate Kart V, if we can get 156 people signed up for email, then 387 people will make 2012 games?

What if we make more than five games per person? What if we have multiple professor_scissorses or Kitoaries? Maybe we have one person ruthlessly remix everything in the Kart to add more games? Or would that be too much fluff? Or do we want fluff?
We've roughly nine days to go. Can we collect six signups per day?

Do we count early submissions as games? Can we do stupid extrapolations from 64 pre-submitted games?

I think I'm overthinking this.

Oh yeah, this event page has less comments than the PKII page.

sergiocornaga's picture

I'm personally going to aim

I'm personally going to aim to make 4 times as many games as last year (24). I don't think I'll succeed. I'm also encouraging everybody I know to contribute something to boost numbers. Board and card games are A-OK, right?

Danni's picture

Looking back at PKII I don't

Looking back at PKII I don't feel like my submissions were diversified enough. I mean, I made a word processor in Klik & Play which is awesome, but then I remixed that to make other office suite "programs" that weren't really worth playing. I also mainly made parodies of other people's games. Did it drive up the number of games? Sure, but I wanna make more interesting stuff. My PKII submissions were kinda devoid of interesting game-y ideas.

I personally like qrleon's collection of PKII submissions and my wish is that he'll come out of hiding to make games for PKV as well.

Right now I have a text file of ten "good" game ideas and nine "shitty" ones, and I may add some more ideas so that hopefully my submissions will be more interesting this time around.

FlaviusMaximus's picture

A good point is to remix a

A good point is to remix a game you made, so you can say you made 2 games.

Zecks's picture

i made only 5 games for PK2,

i made only 5 games for PK2, this time im aiming for like twenty

however im trying to mozart as fast as i can atm and if theres only a small amount of things left to do when this begins i'll finish it first then

Zecks's picture

mozart 5

no way i'd get it done in time

aside from a couple frames i want to do now, i'll just prepare myself for the kart now and chill, and continue afterwards

FlaviusMaximus's picture

What's up with that ''Coach

What's up with that ''Coach Factory''?? it's on everything!

SpindleyQ's picture

Right now, all spam

Right now, all spam filtering is done manually; all of the automated solutions I tried had an unacceptable level of false positives, and enough false negatives to mean that I had to do manual spam filtering anyway.

Someday I'll rewrite the site using a more modern framework and use a real antispam solution. For now, it is what it is.

elib's picture

I have gone against the

I have gone against the ancient Pirate Kode and posted before the specified Jam-enabled time.
For this I am sorry. If my entries are rejected, I accept this with a whole heart, regretting nothing.

Anyway, I made one of the kickstarter request games, and it's pretty terrible.

I love this event and I love this community. I love you all.
I can't wait to see the sheer volume of games to come.

SpindleyQ's picture

The Pirate Kode has only one

The Pirate Kode has only one firm rule: If the rules are getting in the way of you making games, disregard them.

To put it another way: Cheating is encouraged.

ExciteMike's picture

put this up there in the

put this up there in the rules section :)

snapman's picture


The only thing you lose by cheating is the absurd fun of real-time feedback on making a game. Making a game for an event at a non-appointed time is just "cheating at hanging out with friends". Making games with everybody else on IRC is more fun, but we realize that asynchronous hangouts is the norm for most global internet communities. Make games constantly forever!

FlaviusMaximus's picture

Hey, i want to make a game

Hey, i want to make a game about one of the kickstarter's requests. can i make and post it before the kart begins?

ExciteMike's picture

Of course you can!

Of course you can!

GoreCore's picture

Is it okay to announce the

Is it okay to announce the Pirate Kart on various forums and websites in an attempt to gather some additional creators?

SpindleyQ's picture

As long as they're not full

As long as they're not full of jerks.

FlaviusMaximus's picture

Already posted. but what do

Already posted. but what do I do about "E-mailed backer about their games"?

Danni's picture

I assume that's Mike's role.

I assume that's Mike's role.

ExciteMike's picture

Yeah I didn't want to post

Yeah I didn't want to post their email addresses publicly. I'll take care of that part.

Danni's picture

Hey, the FAQ says thirty

Hey, the FAQ says thirty games need to be made but I count 34 in the Google Doc. Are some of the ideas from non-contributors?

sergiocornaga's picture

It was 31 when I first

It was 31 when I first looked. Given that the doc is totally freely editable, I think people have just been adding ideas. I see no reason why we shouldn't make them all if we feel like it, but obviously the first 30 should be top priority.

Noyb's picture

Is there any way to lock the

Is there any way to lock the cells containing the original 30 ideas? Some interweb user has already deleted whatever idea was in row 5.

ExciteMike's picture

That'd be nice! if somebody

That'd be nice! if somebody knows a way that'd be awesome (or a better place to put the list than gogole docs). For now I'll just make sure the original ideas are intact.

snapman's picture

you have to put the noun in the other noun

A game suggestion, in the style of Healy's "you have to put the noun in the other noun" series...

You have to put the indie game in the trash.

Danni's picture

Oh lol, this is becoming a

Oh lol, this is becoming a meme, isn't it? They really should rephrase that dialogue text and give the option to run the program anyway.

FlaviusMaximus's picture

The "Submit Game" button

The "Submit Game" button seems a bit funky. is it right?

ExciteMike's picture

Funky how? It's right as far

Funky how? It's right as far as I can tell from my machine :/ I was going for looking like this style of button: http://www.djtechtools.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/arcadebuttonssanwa.jpg

FlaviusMaximus's picture

There's a black background

There's a black background behind the button, i dunno if it's only on my machine.

ExciteMike's picture

yucky! Yeah okay I just

yucky! Yeah okay I just loaded this page in chrome and ew. Fixing now. I guess I only tested Firefox.

Danni's picture

That's weird. It worked fine

That's weird. It worked fine for me in Chromium.

Size limit?

Do you guys have a file size limit? I'm working on one that's sort of ballooned out of control.

ExciteMike's picture

The Glorious Trainwrecks

The Glorious Trainwrecks game upload form has a maximum file size of 200 MB, so that's currently the limit.

Larger games probably will get played less in the launcher, just because if they have to wait very long folks will just hit cancel and go play a different game. I would like to make it do some kind of automatic background downloading, but I don't know if I'll get that in before GDC.

markp0rter's picture

is it possible to submit a

is it possible to submit a game on sunday as well / two days later? what happens when the deadline is over and you still want to submit? how anal are you about the dead line?

sergiocornaga's picture

I can't tell you for sure,

I can't tell you for sure, but I'm pretty sure making games for the Kart even while it's on display in March is part of the plan (ideally).

kddekadenz's picture

Could someone could please

Could someone could please tell me if he is right?
Mini Ludum Dare is open till the end of the month for submitting.

ExciteMike's picture

We WANT games after the

We WANT games after the 'deadline'!

One of the cool features of the launcher is that it will continue to scrape glorioustrainwrecks and add games to the list even while it is running AT GDC!

I really should mention this more clearly on the website/event page, because I think it's pretty cool!

I mean at some point people maybe we should ask folks to stop submitting to this one and instead direct attention to a cool new event that hasn't been planned yet. But at least until after GDC submissions are wide open!


In that case, I won't even bother compressing some of the assets for this game. 100 MB it is.

Will you have downloaded all the games that are already up prior to GDC though? At least because I suspect the wifi there won't be stellar.

SpindleyQ's picture

I'm assuming since it's

I'm assuming since it's costing us an extra $150 that we're getting a reliable wired connection.

markp0rter's picture

how is this going to work

how is this going to work technically? so you coded something that can grab a game from this very page and then insert it into the loader and use the provided thumbnail and provided title? seriously i am wondering how this going to work technically. it probably wont at all and turn out to be very nonfunctional but then im just a negative nagger. to be honest i doubt there will be submissions going IN while GDC is going ON (well there probably might be 3).

still that sounds super awesome and stuff.

i am MOST excited about the web cam if you get one AND looking forward to Youtube Let's Play videos where people will be like "WTF IS THAT SHIT?!"
super bonus points if you can get clickteam to play those games (since they are at GC) and record them while doing so. that would be the coolest thing EVER in klik history.

ExciteMike's picture

On the technical part:It

On the technical part:
It works! It actually uses a json thing SpindleyQ set up for more-direct access to the games. It definitely beats scraping the html. You can try a slightly-old build here: http://kart5.s3.amazonaws.com/piratekartv.zip
I still need to stress-test it to make sure it is really ready, and probably I will have to make some small changes, but I don't expect anything major will come up. A few games will probably require special-casing when the launcher can't tell which exe/bin/swf/html/whatever to use. I have a system set up so I can fix them as they are found and the kart should auto-update to get those changes if it can reach the internet. All of the games submitted so far seem to work*! Even the Knytt stories and zcode games! I'm a little worried about UDK, XNA, or other games that may require installers. We may just have to say the launcher won't support that.
This does remind me though that I need to make more concrete plans for the hey-Mike-my-game-doesn't-work-in-the-launcher hotline.

I half-expect there to be a jam at GDC whose games get added to the kart, but we'll see! If we don't get any it's no big deal. I still wanted this feature so that I wouldn't have to add games manually like I did for the IGF Kart.

About the webcam:
The webcam part is not looking like I will get it ready in time, what with the launcher, Kickstarter stuff and GDC-related stuff I still need to take care of. And of course I want to actually take part in the event this weekend too!

I have a webcam someone offered to let me borrow, but actually setting up the stream and installing appropriate software is stuff I haven't figured out yet. If someone knows how to do that stuff and can make a quick how-to or point me at a tutorial or something I'll try and get it working!

* at least on the machine I will be putting in the kiosk (running 32bit WinXP)

markp0rter's picture

32bit WinXP is the best

32bit WinXP is the best system (so i still use it at home. screw that win7 laptop). im on OSX at work and it makes me furious i cant play trainwrecks. hell ive even fiddled around with vine but i wouldnt get stuff to work. luckily ive also got a win xp 64 bit machine which is still a bit annoying but i just installed tgf 2 newgrounds edition on it so everything is almost fine (ignoring the fact i cant run most of my other software i use but whatever).

enough complaining about different systems (i really don't know what to do once I have to give up win xp 32 bit in a few years).

haha the music in the loader is just epic. i know the girl from ipanema (? spelling my only weakness) is a classic for pirate karts but this version is simply the best.

what exactly is party mode? ARGH i was suddenly trapped inside warning old man and couldn't get out of it. alt + F4 or esc didn't do the track and when i switched through programs it automatically got focus again so i had to wait until the game would close itself. thats really annoying and will put people off.

so anyways epic work so far. are you gonna put screenshots next to the games or would this just load too much and kill anything because of DATA OVERLOAD?

Sorry, that was specific on

Sorry, that was specific on my part. Warning Old Man doesn't have a way to quit unless it ends.

markp0rter's picture

so what are you supposed to do in that game? ITS A TRAP, is it?

anyways the loader is super awesome. that way i got to play a lot of games I hadn't tried yet and I just laughed so hard. one thing I would like to suggest: can you give me a direct link to the trainwreck page of the submission as well? like I just played the highly dangerous life of nitroglycerin man or whatever and I just had to comment on it (it's such a pain in the cock but hilarious at the same time simply because of being a royal pain in the cock). the problem is: i first had to hunt down that game and it was on page 4 of the submissions so if i had a direct link in the pirate kart it would make commenting way easier and a great outlet to tell the creator how much I've just "hated" (joke) his game ;)

cheers and love
love all the games ive seen so far

ExciteMike's picture

I actually just bought this

I actually just bought this laptop and I wiped win7 64 off it to install XP. It's a pain in the ass to do that because you need to do some weird stuff with getting drivers into the install disc, but anyway I have a legal 32bit XP running on my 64 bit processor now. But anyway now that I've done that much I can hopefully keep XP going a few more years.

I think I am going to rename party mode to "shuffle". It is based on iTunes's old party shuffle mode. The idea is you get a random selection and you can choose from those or skip it. This version is missing the "play", "play again", "skip game," and "reshuffle" buttons that hopefully make it make more sense. I'm thinking of locking the GDC version to just the shuffle view, but not sure yet.

RE: Screenshots in the list: That was originally the plan, but the UI framework I went with isn't very flexible and it's gonna be tough to do that in the time I have left :(

markp0rter's picture

about the webcam

what web cam do you have and what problem do you have? can't you just use http://www.justin.tv/
i know http://www.justin.tv/ has an iphone app so you can stream stuff via your iphone to the world wide webs
so yeh they probably also support web cams on your computer and so on but let me know what exactly the problem is you are having or what exactly you are planning to do and so on because i would REALLY LOVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT

i just want the web cam thing so BADLY so I will try to put all my mental energy into this and ask people at work who are smarter if you can give me exact questions I can find answers for I will look on the web and ask people and I am sure a lot on trainwrecks know the right answers as well :)

SpindleyQ's picture

I've been twiddling with

I've been twiddling with twitch.tv for streaming some of the physical Pirate Kart jams going on this weekend, so I'm sure we'll get something going at GDC.

markp0rter's picture

"some of the physical Pirate Kart jams going on this weekend"

what in the F
physical Pirate Kart jams?!
seriously where is this going on and so on. there are A BUNCH OF PEOPLE on different LOCATIONS gathering to make trainwrecks this weekend?
who and where and so on. tell me more like WHAAAT?!

SpindleyQ's picture

I know of jams going down in

I know of jams going down in Toronto, Ottawa (venue not finalized so no details posted yet), Montreal (ditto), and Adelaide, Australia. Also apparently these guys may show up in Toronto.

If anyone else is organizing anything, I'd love to hear about it!

ExciteMike's picture

I think I'm probably more

I think I'm probably more panicked about time than I need to be. I'll start experimenting a little and see if I can like have justin.tv running as another user so that people at the kiosk can't see or close that window (and more importantly so that it can't interfere with the way the launcher handles web games...)

Does it also record the stream? It would be cool to put a timelapse version on youtube after the conference.

ExciteMike's picture


http://j-tv.me/z4tA9v (EDIT: fixed error in link)

okay yeah that was crazy easy.

UPDATE: So getting the live stream working is no problem, but capturing the screen is turning out to not work when chronolapse or whatever program is running as the kiosk user, so there's either a user-permisisons thing going on or a explorer.exe-has-to-be-running thing going on, so I don't think I'll be able to capture the actual screen :(

markp0rter's picture

Well I think your main

Well I think your main concern is that people will close the screen capture isn't it?

I mean can't you just use camtasia (this is what I use) or fraps running in the background just capturing everything?

the problem I see: I don't think those can stream anything so you will record a big file on your hard drive.
now if its running the whole day and screen capturing the whole day I think you will end up with a BIG ASS FILE (thats the only problem I see).
maybe you can run windows in a mode so users aren't allowed to close programs ie won't be able to close Camtasia.

I also thought about using a program Team Viewer or any remote desktop software. at work we are all using OSX and I can access anyone's screen remotely without them noticing and see what they are doing. hell I could even record what they are doing on my machine.

so maybe you can get the laptop connected with another computer and just use some remote control or VNC to spy on it and record stuff from it?

so yeh im just throwing RANDOM ideas out here right now but I think if we all BRAINSTORM and throw ideas out we can come up with a good and working solution in the end.


ExciteMike's picture

I tried xsplit and

I tried xsplit and chronolapse and neither would actually record anything when run as the kiosk user (they lock up completely in fact). They work fine for the admin account so hopefully it's just a permissions thing I can fix easily! It'd be nice if there wasn't a window up they can mess with but I probably can live with that if I can just get these programs to work.

markp0rter's picture


what about camtasia or fraps or using a VNC like I've suggested?

ExciteMike's picture

Well, now I got xvideo

Well, now I got xvideo working: http://www.justin.tv/cusspuckermunterfunter/b/309465237 except that it is making the games and launcher run SUPER SLOWLY, which is kind of a showstopper.

Tomorrow I will give some other options a shot.

sergiocornaga's picture



sergiocornaga's picture

If screen capturing cannot

If screen capturing cannot be achieved, set up mirrors or something!

sergiocornaga's picture

Can the launcher handle

Can the launcher handle traditional games i.e. card or board games that might need to be in the form of image or text files? I'm trying to get almost everyone I know to contribute one thing to this and for some those options would be easier.

Blueberry Soft's picture

It has begun

It has begun (for some of us)

ExciteMike's picture

Yeah! Don't let that timer

Yeah! Don't let that timer up there stop you!

here we go...

Just getting prepped for my start later tonight. This is gonna be fun :)

Good luck all, hope you have a blast!

markp0rter's picture

is there something like an official Pirate Kart logo

which I could use in my games?

ExciteMike's picture

I think that cartridge image

I think that cartridge image up top is the closest thing we have to an official logo. That should work?

markp0rter's picture

but wasn't there some skull

for previous karts?

SpindleyQ's picture

The logo here is a direct

The logo here is a direct spoof of the IGF logo, so it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to use for non-IGF Pirate Karts.

snapman's picture


I'll try making a GDC knockoff logo tonight.

markp0rter's picture


ive looked at the GDC logo and it just says GDC. personally im too stupid to think of anything to add to it or how to adjust it so that it looks like trainwrecks

markp0rter's picture

Screen capture without Software (the hardware way)

- Get a graphics card with an S-Video out

- Connect it to another computer with a capture card

- Capture it (it will only be SD but whatever)

Also screencapture programs like Camtasia can slow things down a lot while I've never had any problems recording hardware heavy 3d games with Fraps. That's what Fraps is made for- capturing games so you should give Fraps a try.

snapman's picture

DOS games

Will the launcher be able to run DOS applications? I have a tool that exports to both Win3.1 and DOS, but the DOS export option is the only one with fullscreen lowrez scrolling. Just wondering if I could use that option!

ExciteMike's picture

So it needs the command

So it needs the command prompt to come up? If so, I may need to do something special.

Danni's picture

Do what Steam does - throw

Do what Steam does - throw in a copy of DOSBox and use it to run the game.

SpindleyQ's picture

Trickier would be

Trickier would be automatically determining whether it's a DOS .exe or a Windows .exe.

ExciteMike's picture

Oh wow, that might not be

Oh wow, that might not be all that tricky (or rather, maybe I can steal someone else's solution to a tricky thing)


ExciteMike's picture

Steam does that? Wow.

Steam does that? Wow.

ExciteMike's picture

I think I might have a way

I think I might have a way to make this work. Have you submitted a dos build and/or could you give me one of these DOS exes to test with so I can make sure?

I feel so very guilty about

I feel so very guilty about putting out terrible, identical versions of games to increase the quantity, but all's fair in love and trainwrecks.

markp0rter's picture

dont worry about it

ive got the same thing planned for a month now. if its still funny and creative all is good id say. just note: we already have +100 games and there will be even more tomorrow and in the following days. im not even sure if anyone who downloads the pirate kart will EVER play all those games.
you know what it's like with long text on the internet = tl;dr
i get the feeling we will have: too many games - didn't play
basically TOO many crappy games so if someone really puts a bunch of effort and work into their games and no one is gonna see that / play that. aw man i really feel sorry for those. thats why the loader needs the screenshots.

the loader needs a screenshot of the game in it - people judge books by their cover

leilei's picture

i was thinking "nah" but

i was thinking "nah"

but screw it i'm doing it

markp0rter's picture

that's the spirit!

that's the spirit!

jonbro's picture

OH BOY! I think I have

OH BOY! I think I have convinced my girlfriend to mak gam! yes!

markp0rter's picture

a female



dessgeega's picture

wow, you straight up said

wow, you straight up said that like you thought it would be funny

jonbro's picture

I was genuinely excited! And

I was genuinely excited! And she made 4 games! (I guess you were not replying to me though)

SpindleyQ's picture

Hooray for couples'

Hooray for couples' game-making!

Smedis2's picture

193 Games ALREADY. Woo.

193 Games ALREADY.

qrleon's picture

250 aw yeah

250 aw yeah

markp0rter's picture

where is my GDC LOGO

i want it NOAAW!

markp0rter's picture

loader needs screenshots

k thx bye
fuck im knackered

Smedis2's picture



i'm going to play so many

i'm going to play so many games when i have the time

We've officially passed

We've officially passed Pirate Kart II!

Aand I'm done!

Finally got my game finished off and uploaded, happy days. That makes it my first officially released thing ever :)

Looking forward to checking out everyone else's once I've had a bit of a lie down. And to everyone else still at it, keep going, you'll make it yet!


Well done, everybody! Over 770 games...Truly an intense two-plus days. I'll be playing new games for weeks. :D

markp0rter's picture

hmmmmmm what happened to the spam bots?

im missing the spam
i wanted to buy some NIKE Shoes aw man where is my spam?

kddekadenz's picture

I will upload my games too

I will upload my games too (I originally made them for Ludum Dare), but as improved version.
There are 1530 + 15^1023 possible game combinations.

markp0rter's picture

wait where do you get those numbers from

so does this mean we WILL HAVE 2012 games?!

markp0rter's picture

hey what happened

suddenly its active again and all the sing ups disappeared/poofed? aw man WHAAT?!

TheCube's picture

The signups got moved to a

The signups got moved to a different tab because they were taking up too much room and it's active again because MAKE GAMES CONSTANTLY FOREVER.

At least, that was what was discussed in IRC.

thesycophant's picture

BTW, will Pirate Kart V ever

BTW, will Pirate Kart V ever stop accepting submissions/otherwise be "complete"? Or will everything on this site just go into this giant collection always forever?

SpindleyQ's picture

After GDC is over, I'd say

After GDC is over, I'd say it's probably time to call it done and move on.

But there was supposed to be a Timezone Lottery Klik Jam this Saturday, and I'm like, whaaat? No, that's crazy unthinkable. No one should be submitting games to a Timezone Lottery Klik Jam when GDC is NEXT WEEK.

thesycophant's picture

Agreed! After all, no one

Agreed! After all, no one submitted anything to our sad last one (and I was the only entrant at the one before that). Hopefully the enthusiasm for these smaller events keeps going once GDC has passed.

It'll be so beautiful once we've got our final compilation all together. I can't wait to see what conversation comes up around it.

Danni's picture

Man, this page is so much

Man, this page is so much easier to navigate now that the signups have been relegated to a separate page.

kirkjerk's picture

ya also if it wouldn't be


also if it wouldn't be too much server (or programmer) load would it be possible to get a link to the table of the games w/ thumbnails but all on one page?

markp0rter's picture

do you think we will get 1000 games

in this?

1001 games. arabian kart

kddekadenz's picture

My submission offers nearly

My submission offers nearly infinite variations (1530 + 15^1023), so yeah, it's already done.

captaincabinets's picture

I miss being a pirate.

I miss being a pirate.

SpindleyQ's picture



Noyb's picture

Ahoy there, fancy pants.

Ahoy there, fancy pants.

Aaaaaaand my last game,

Aaaaaaand my last game, probably. 17 games. New personal record!


It seems like a lot of people are sneaking in bigger, serious games they've been working on so they can get them publicity (mostly people who just registered and made a hit-and-run submission). I think one of the games is actually a full six years old.


Many comments ago, people said something about that being against the spirit of the event, so... are these staying in since they'll get crowded out, or otherwise?

ExciteMike's picture

They are staying in because

They are staying in because
A) it's a terrible way to get publicity anyway
B) it's somewhat against the spirit, but it's within the bounds of what I've said is allowed when people ask me
C) I'm sure no one has the time or inclination to enforce the spirit of the event
D) I think it's best if the spirit of an event is allowed to be the result of what people do in the event, rather than something imposed upon it.
and perhaps most importantly
E) given what I've been saying about wanting as many people involved as we can get and trying to be inclusive, it'd be a real dick move to kick a game out of the kart

I think the thing to do would be to give them a polite reminder that we are mostly looking for stuff made FOR this kart and encourage them to make something new!

Hey, that works.

Hey, that works. Sorry if I butted heads or acted mean-spirited. It looks like one of them was deleted anyway...

ExciteMike's picture

The guy who made the deleted

The guy who made the deleted game emailed me. I'm not sure what was said in those comments, but it appears to have been very mean-spirited and made him feel very unwelcome. :(

sergiocornaga's picture

That's a shame! I really

That's a shame! I really wonder what that game was. It's definitely not fair to claim people should disregard the rules and then berate them for doing so, so I support your stance.

I remember there was one

I remember there was one comment in there about how it was becoming scary that people were submitting games just for publicity, but I promise all I did was some eyebrow raising. In any case I'll be eating crow for a bit.

Zecks's picture

that was me

i didn't intend to be straight out rude either (and others who think these being submitted are weird likely thought so too)

i predicted, among other things, that something like this will happen in my earlier posts and it just ticks me off to see it come true. he obviously didn't read much what the site is actually about, so i can't really help it if he then leaves all confused and shit when some of the more "rude" members as much as ask "wait wtf?" (ps. i don't actually know did it go worse and how much after i went to sleep)

edit: also, i know that they asked you (mike) about stuff which lead to the rpgmaker games being posted, but where did the ssb clone guy come from? that one's honestly pushing it if anything.

Hey I'm still here. (Still

Hey I'm still here. (Still confused and shit, but still here)

The SSB guy is filipe_9595 I'm guessing. He's posting and promoting that game everywhere. Even on RPG maker sites.

snapman's picture

No need to be rude

There's no need to leave nasty comments on their submissions, it reflects poorly of us as a community. At most, we could ask if the text on their game's page that says the game was "created for event X" is actually true, or if they're even aware the submission page is set up to make that claim. We could repost one of the event's guidelines: "Unlike the recent IGF Pirate Kart, with this one we're looking for games made for this event specifically!" But getting angry is pointless and removing their games is petty. The ideal response goes like this:

HI! It sure looks like you put a lot of effort into this game, which is great! It's always a pleasure to see a game developer making a real labor of love. But you might not be aware that the emphasis of this website is on new and original games developed exclusively for Glorious Trainwrecks, that have not been previously published elsewhere. If you're looking to get more people to play a game you've already made, there are a lot of better places to advertise it! Glorious Trainwrecks is more of a workshop than a showcase. I'd recommend submitting your game to places like TIGsource, TIGdb, pixelprospector.com, indiegamemag.com, playthisthing.com, or indiegames.com . These websites are better suited to getting your game the publicity it needs, but if you'd like to try making some new games with us, feel free to stop by anytime!

Danni's picture

I guess this is partly my

I guess this is partly my fault. I went on IRC and lamented the fact that people were submitting larger, long-term productions. My reasoning was that this was a game jam, not a free publicity event, and that the submitters didn't take the time to become familiar with how the Kart and its launcher worked.

Just to be clear, I did not facilitate or instigate anything in the way of rude attacks against the submitters. I hate hive-mindedness.

I don't think the games are unwelcome on this site, though IMHO they aren't exactly a match for the Pirate Kart V. I also don't think they would fare too well on sites like, say, TIGdb. Hobbyist, "hanging out with friends" game-making is our domain. What we really ought to do is improve how we handle games that aren't associated with any event. KotM is nice and all, but sometimes you are working on something bigger yet staying true to the hobbyist game-making spirit and it doesn't really fit in a monthly event. We could use a better system for handling these kinds of games. Like, a gallery or something. Currently the closest thing we have is the Development Diaries and that doesn't work very well (in addition, it's kind of filled with cobwebs at this point). And if you use the Games system and submit a game without affiliating it with an event, the only way to find it is to either view the user's profile (which you'll have to get a link to from elsewhere) or look in Recent Changes, where the entry will be buried among comment entries and node diffs, etc. and scroll off the first page within a short period of time.

juliette's picture

Yeah, I hope my Heroes Realm

Yeah, I hope my Heroes Realm game didn't come off as an attack (I'm afraid it was since the original was apparently deleted). :(
The long elaborate descriptions attached to those games were cute, and I wanted to ape their aesthetics and make a corrupted/haunted version of them. I meant it as playful teasing at worst. I really don't want to drive anyone away.

Again, apologies if I

Again, apologies if I touched off anything nasty. I was in a bit of a grumpy mood, and the last thing I want to do is cast this place in a bad light. I agree with the hive-mindedness thing, it's discouraged me from participating in a number of sites. I see what you mean about those games sort of occupying a weird ground that the indie "scene" doesn't really respect. I guess I just got too caught up in the specifics of the event.

...I still do think the idea of making awful ripoffs of those games is funny though. :)

No offense taken

I posted a reply saying that I obviously misunderstood what this is all about and deleted my game out of respect for what you guys are trying to accomplish. Most of games don't fit this mold so I deleted my entry. Of course, that deleted my reply. Oops.


Hi, I'm the one who mentioned Pirate Kart V on RPG Maker sites and encouraged people to post their games, and also the author of one such long game that was submitted. Sorry if that was inappropriate. Some explanation:

I found the project when it was mentioned in a news article at Penny Arcade, and all the information I had about it was what was in that article, plus the rules that are on the front page of the pirate kart website. One of the rules was a 2 day time limit but another rule was that you could break any of the rules. I wasn't sure how big a deal that particular rule was, but figured my game would be rejected if it wasn't okay, so it couldn't hurt to submit it. I guess there are varying levels of "okay" though; apparently it's technically allowed but maybe it's uncool. If you guys would like me to, I will not only remove my game but also make follow-up posts to my original posts on rpgmaker.net, rpgrevolution.com and hbgames.org and let people know that posting their existing games isn't really in the spirit of the event.

For what it's worth, though I can't speak for gamesfreak, felipe, or ocean, I didn't post my game to get publicity. I posted my game because I was hoping people would enjoy playing it.

JRTB's picture

My First GTW, and Very Late

This is the first event at GTW I've participated in, and I'm afraid that I rather failed to bang out my game as quickly as I had hoped. <1 day became a week, but it's done :P I don't think I'll squeeze in any others this time around, though perhaps for the next event I can get my game-making going a little faster and looser.

Also, as I'm new I would just like to say that I find the style of this community very refreshing and the scratchware spirit on display genuinely inspiring.

God damn cool. I wonder how

God damn cool. I wonder how to make the game. wanna participate. Best Regard, bungamesa

Would slapping a playable

Would slapping a playable facade on some old broken prototypes of mine and submitting them be in the Kart spirit?

TheCube's picture

I don't think anyone would

I don't think anyone would mind that at all. Anything to get us to 1000 is okay with me, unless it's a real full-fledged AAA sort of indie game, which just seems out of place.

kddekadenz's picture

Most games here are nonsense

As a newbie at Pirate Kart V:
Most submitted games are just nonsense. Why not make sth. serious or higher quality nonsense?

juliette's picture

Because we enjoy making

Because we enjoy making those games, and this site celebrates and promotes the joy of making games :)
Things like polish or professionalism don't matter much here. What's important is creating an environment where anyone, regardless of their technical abilities, can make beautiful and personal games.

Zecks's picture

most of the games follow the

most of the games follow the 2-hour "rule" and tbh you can't really do anything high-quality in that time, but it's fun to see what some can do in that time! (although i've been mostly using this as a jokegame repository and regularly take overtime to do something a bit bigger but no more quality. i want to try to change this in the future.)

Danni's picture

Making jokey and

Making jokey and half-serious games keeps with the scratchware spirit of Glorious Trainwrecks. Of course, there are also more serious games being made for this site. As Fabian said, it's really more about making whatever you feel like making and not having to worry about conforming to some sort of standard outside of your own.

Also, on the topic of polish: I'm personally a fan of "silly polish" - if you don't know what I'm referring to, just play some of qrleon's games.

snapman's picture


This is a workshop. Terry Cavanagh once made a silly quick little game for this site in 2 hours. He thought the mechanic he was playing around with was interesting enough to make a larger game from. So he made VVVVVV. This is a test bed, a proving ground, a rapid prototype extravaganza. Complete uninhibited experimentation, which can lead to "higher quality nonsense" down the road if you like what you came up with.

Zecks's picture

I'm not planning on ever

I'm not planning on ever turning anything from here into a full-fledged game of any kind, I've got plans on what kind of serious bigger games I want to make. However, I think my trainwrecks are beginning to lack the fun part. I don't even mean any kind of serious design. For example, Forest Racer is probably one of my truest trainwrecks. The less-than-5-second races are just so perfectly hilarious somehow and I don't even know!
I honestly see trainwrecks as their own art itself, separate from any "serious" games, which is what enables me to be the "indie hater" I said I am but at the same time be here in the midst of many of the said indies! (that might be worded kinda badly, but I'm bad at that and always have been)

I feel like I've lost something as time has gone on (and I'm very sure that this is not just in my trainwreck spirit). Stack the Cups may be funny, but it just doesn't have the same charm as something like the ridiculously long and narrow final track in Forest Racer or the extremely glitchy platform movement in Pyramido Plunder, or the so retarded it's brilliant House Monopolier.

One thing I've noticed is that I don't do much actual gameplay anymore in my wrecks. Stack the Cups just builds up to and jumps the shark at the transformation, Beautiful Experience 3 and 4 were mostly cop outs to increase my game count, and Fishing is funny maybe once. But I don't think I can just be like "okay now I'm gonna do a gamey wreck" and do a "true trainwreck" again. No. I gotta get my shit together. I gotta find that lost something.

I'm working on finding that something though, and I'll keep making 'wrecks, and some day, they shall become glorious again!

snapman's picture

going futher

Just because you can't currently see yourself taking an opportunity doesn't mean it's not there waiting for you! :-)

Zecks's picture

Yeah there might be a

Yeah there might be a possibility that I'll do something shortish inspired from a trainwreck, but otherwise I've already got enough ideas on what kinds of things I want to try in what genres for bigger small games. My big game dreams are a whole different story. They are probably some of the more overambitious stuff around and with at least two of the currently three of them I wish to leave a mark that lasts.

"sense too definite cancels

"sense too definite cancels your indistinct literature" ~ anakin skywalker

markp0rter's picture



SpindleyQ's picture

It's not looking good; the

It's not looking good; the problem is that new equipment doesn't generally ship with 32-bit Windows XP drivers anymore. We're going to run to Radio Shack and see what we can find.

ExciteMike's picture

STREAM! j-tv.me/zVPaGK

STREAM! j-tv.me/zVPaGK

GoreCore's picture

Photo of the kiosk?

Photo of the kiosk?

markp0rter's picture

epic. is it just me or is

epic. is it just me or is the audio missing? one video starts with audio but then quickly the audio is gone :C so where is the audio?

thesycophant's picture

We have 976 games! I think

We have 976 games! I think we should try to get it up to 1,000 by the close of GDC Play tomorrow. 24 more games! I'll pledge one!

juliette's picture

YES Even though I'm moving

Even though I'm moving tomorrow and I'm packing right now, I'll try my best to make at least one more game!

juliette's picture

Okay uploading a new game

Okay uploading a new game and seeing SpindleyQ in San Francisco playing it right away was totally worth it.

thesycophant's picture

I watched that happen and it

I watched that happen and it was beautiful.

thesycophant's picture

I just submitted my 23rd

I just submitted my 23rd game for the Kart. We need just thirteen more to get to 1,000! Let's do it!

snapman's picture

GDC Kart Viewer

Here's an hastily/lazily assembled page that embeds the video feed, refreshes the webcam, and displays the tweets from the kart. At time of posting, the audio is dead and the cam is solid black.

edit: added autoplay

kartshow.html1.72 KB
thesycophant's picture

Perfect! Thanks for this!

Perfect! Thanks for this!

Radix's picture

Awesome! By the way, what

Awesome! By the way, what are the specs on the demo machine?

markp0rter's picture

seriously over 1000 games

seriously over 1000 games that completely blow. well done

Zecks's picture

completely blow EVERYTHING


markp0rter's picture

i really want to get blown now

lol what?

Smedis2's picture

So...this is it,isn't

So...this is it,isn't it?
This is the end of the kart,I mean,GDC is over,and that was the main aim of the Kart was to show it off to people there.

sergiocornaga's picture

I know I'm not planning to

I know I'm not planning to submit any more games, but you never know what people will do. Yours may not actually be the last, no matter how fitting it is!

Also, I imagine the Kart will see a slightly more polished official Internet release.

markp0rter's picture

yeh really im wondering whats gonna happen now

its all over and stuff so where is the big woo woo tralala also where are the blogs talking about it and where is everyone just being like blah blah you know the drill

GoreCore's picture

they re chewing through the

they re chewing through the games, give em time bro

markp0rter's picture

WHO exactly

is doing WHAT exactly so the outcome will be WHAT exactly? as in: i really have no idea what is going on now like no idea at all

Radix's picture

way to fucking jinx it

way to fucking jinx it shhhhhhh

one of the best games ever,

one of the best games ever, I'm glad I can try it.