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Glory be, but I dislike writing physics engines. Just about done with some simple collision detection that'll do what I need for the top-down Intertrongs section(s). It'll probably be sufficient for Mario-like cartoon physics, too, though I'm also considering turning the Box2D engine into a Python extension. Either way I will probably soon turn hax0r into an Urban Yeti-ish version of the single-screen puzzle platformer that I'm secretly dying to make. Box2D would allow for some great network security systems -- just fiddling with the demo convinces me that I'll need to put the sport of Cat Bowling SOMEWHERE in the game. (Not that there is Cat Bowling in the Box2D demo.)

It's beginning to dawn on me that very soon I'll need a level editor of some kind, which, man. Damn. I am going to be forced to upload embarrassing childhood home video if anyone else decides to seriously attempt this with Gamemaker or Klik N' Play, because I keep biting off pieces that are genuine work. If I made an editor and combined it with Box2D I probably wouldn't get any work done, for all the torture devices that would demand to be built in its Incredible-Machine-ish sandbox. (Although now that I've written it down, that sounds like a rather delicious idea, doesn't it?)