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wow thats fucking

wow thats fucking impressive. even BEFORE the mine craft dude. does this mean trainwracks is going to be bloody famous by now / a lot of new people will join our new pirate kart? also i loled at penner. thats german for hobo.

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I think it was alphabetical

I think it was alphabetical order :)

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It is a super common last

It is a super common last name where I'm from. When I grew up, we watched Fred Penner's Place and shopped at the Penner Foods and bought our cars from Penner Chev Olds.

Pirate Kart Ahoy!

Pirate Kart Ahoy!

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Still doesn't change the

Still doesn't change the fact it means hobo / bum in my native language which is what you will think of if you read it which is amusing.

But still I am wondering if this will get us any new visitors.

Probably people named Penner are of German origin and that last name was their profession just like Schmidt which got translated to Smith while no one dared to translate Penner ;)

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Oh, I'm sure it's hilarious,

Oh, I'm sure it's hilarious, yeah. I'm not offended or anything.

It's funny too, because my parents speak what they call "low German", which I guess is closer to Dutch than German? But yeah, nobody told me what Penner meant in German until I was like 26, and I was like, wait, what? My parents grew up speaking German!

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Both your parents speak

Both your parents speak German? How come? I'd get if a German moved to the USA and would marry a German girl but if both parties are fluent in German I'm wondering about their back story. Did they meet in Germany because they are Germans? But then I don't think people in Germany still speak or know any low German. I wouldn't understand jack shit. It's probably just little cultural clubs who speak it when they gather like maybe Esperanto. So yeh what's their back story if you don't mind. You got me curious. Also I didn't know you are Mr Penner. So nice to have a face behind a nick. Also since your parents know German they must be aware of it's meaning and kept it a secret from you if it took you until 26 to find out it's meaning. But don't worry outside of German speaking countries no one will notice.

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Yeah, I once tried telling a

Yeah, I once tried telling a German speaker one of the low German nursery rhymes I grew up with and I was completely unintelligible to him. I think my parents learned a little bit of real German in school or something but they are certainly not fluent.

Basically, southern Manitoba, where I grew up, is one of those places that the Mennonites settled so that no one would bother them (by making them fight in wars, change religious beliefs, etc). So there's lots and lots of people there with that Mennonite background. Many of them, a generation or two ago, spoke low German within their families. My parents both grew up in such families.

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Damn dudes, kudos to all

Damn dudes, kudos to all you guys/gals. :D