You are a gibbed head in Quake. You need to roll around and find your body before it respawns! But it may be too late...

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the engine is pretty good

is that a standard build in engine that comes with construct 2? I think Construct (1) is a pretty good piece of software. Overall I prefer it much more over MMF or any click product because it simply works. You can easily make a platformer in construct where the player doesn't get stuck in walls or anything. I just wish Construct could also build SWF files. It's a shame they gave up Construct 1 and now Construct 2 only does HTML 5. I couldn't play your game with my version of FF (yeh I'm not running the latest because it doesn't support all my nifty add ons) so I had to use chrome. Also a shame Construct 2 doesn't let you build exe files. If construct would do HTML 5, Exe and SWF it would be the perfect piece of software and I would pay 150 Euros for it.

Anyways your game made me lol. The idea is really weird. It's nice to see graphics ripped from a game that well doesn't get used that often when it's about ripping graphics from a game. Overall this game is pretty trainwrecky (see I've just created a new adjective).

Hey :) Thanks so much for

Hey :) Thanks so much for the positive feedback - I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There's a secret on the other side of the lava, in case you missed it ;) I used graphics from Quake, but also from modified texture packs for Quake. Higher resolution, fan-made stuff. I think the original graphics would've looked blocky - and besides, I couldn't rip from the original tga to png easily!

As for Construct 2, yeah, it's a bit disappointing that it doesn't make exes. Even html 5 stuff doesn't really work offline, so I'm forced to host it and have people play online, using certain browsers. But the engine and tool is solid. Yeah, the rolling physics sort of comes with construct 2. You have to enter a few settings manually, and assign certain physics forces to the keyboard keys - but as you can see it works without too much trouble. There's a rolling physics example level that I found really helpful. Of course, they also do 8-direction and platform controls as standard - without the manual configuration. but I figured rolling physics platform controls made more sense for a game like this :)

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