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This sounds like a job for a trainwreck: demake a game, without directly violating copyright. This could be as big as the B-games compo was!

The difficult part is going to be coming up with something nobody else is going to do, yet popular enough that everybody will recognize it. And you'll probably want to go with some IP that doesn't have a prior incarnation that provides a framework for a demake already. That narrows the possibilities considerably.

Anybody here going to enter? Or team up?

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I wasn't initially going to

I wasn't initially going to enter but then I started putting some thought towards a Highway Speed sequel which would be an approximation of Special Criminal Investigation done as an LCD game if I can figure out just how I am going to do that.

I heard that the TIGSource

I heard that the TIGSource forums were recently hacked and give visitors viruses. Is this still the case?

Edit: Reference to this problem here.

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There's a recently-started

There's a recently-started thread about it on the forums with no resolution at present, so I guess so. Thanks for the heads-up. (I think it's mostly harmful to IE users, though.)

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Forums are down

And just as I'd got started and all.

I think I'll make a vaguely Atari-ish Ikaruga. I wonder if I can simulate slowdown using the room speed in GM?

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I wish I felt more excited

I wish I felt more excited about this :-(

Maybe my standards are too high, I want to do an actual Batari Basic 2600 game for it...