Charm City Patrol

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(I confess this took me MUCH longer than 2 hours to do; it originally started as a GT project, but quickly ballooned. It still looks kinda crappy, but plays solid enough and definitely has the GT spirit.)

You are a cop. A damn good one. Patrol through Baltimore City.

Press the ENTER key to begin the game.
Steer your car with LEFT and RIGHT. Press UP to accelerate, and DOWN to stop and go in reverse.

Collect EVIDENCE and bust PERPS by rolling your car into them.
If you want to connect with an informant, STOP your car and they will walk to you.
(as long as they are not blocked)
If you crash into buildings too many times, you will end the game by taking a desk job for the department.
(Don't worry, you won't be fired.)


Created in a day for Glorious Trainwrecks.
Inspired by the NES game “Motor City Patrol” and over 15 years of living in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

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I had some trouble

I had some trouble differentiating between perps and prosti- I mean informants at first, but it made sense once I stopped the car. Sounds like Baltimore is a bit of a rough place...

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...from what I hear, if you're a cop it isn't so bad. :)

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Best Baltimore Simulator

Best Baltimore Simulator Ever. Good luck against the Patriots!

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Thanks for the kudos; I was truly aiming for realism. ;)

And I'll be sure to pass along your well-wishing. I think the game just started a few minutes ago.

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I like it! At a certain

I like it!

At a certain point, I was just looking for as many female informants as possible so I could hear them go "Ooh."

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Re: "ooh!" sound...

...It's one of the stock WAV files provided by clickteam for MMF2. Be sure to thank them. ;)

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I didn't think anyone would

I didn't think anyone would actually use that farting zombie song from the MMF2 module music libraries. Guess I was wrong.

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...I pondered, "Hmm...Soundtrack for a game about cops." The rest flowed naturally from there, so to speak.