Second Person Shooter

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This is a test project made with 3DRad. It's just a quick gag I made while trying to learn how to use this interesting program. Remember to mash ESCAPE the moment the joke stops being funny.

Crappy gun model from here:

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Hah, I love this. I went on

Hah, I love this. I went on a walk and fell off the world it was great.

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Hey i fell of the world

Hey i fell of the world too!

i was looking for something just beyond the horizon, like in Battlezone.

Took 2 or 3 times to download as anything else this month and i had to do it twice because it didn't work on the other machine but DAMN it was worth it!!!!

I now know what I am

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It is one joke, but it is a

It is one joke, but it is a most excellent joke.

Maybe it's two jokes. What is there for a gun to do but go over the mountains and fall off the world, firing aimlessly into the sky?

Maybe that's not a joke. Still!

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I... I think I had a dream

I... I think I had a dream about this game after playing it. I'm afraid I can't remember any details. Impact!

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How very existential. :) I

How very existential. :)

I think the terrain is gorgeous.

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I also.

I keep meaning to do something with 3D Rad. We should organise a 3D Rad only event before Pirate Kart V.

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