Polite Narwhal

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[23:02:50] [TakeOne] How do narwhals get around without accidentally stabbing something?

Turn left and right with the arrow keys.
Up Arrow to accelerate. Down Arrow to decelerate.

Make it through to the end at the lower right of the level without killing any fish or breaking your own tusk.

This game is terrible. Features blood.

Direct3D 9 HWA or Wine required. Also 720p resolution required because I'm an HD-using bastard.

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You know there's a funky

You know there's a funky little game in here...

I like the wavy water effects. And the blood.

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i'm trying to see how many

i'm trying to see how many fishies i can stab before i get thrown back to the title screen. five is my best thus far.

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I managed to beat this after

I managed to beat this after realising that in most situations only the tusk's collision detection mattered. I liked the vaguely aquatic sounding music.

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The music is from Ecco for

The music is from Ecco for the Genesis. In a way, this game makes fun of Ecco's poor design decisions.

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Excellence in game

Excellence in game naming.

I am not cautious enough to win this game. But it's glorious.

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Addicting, for sure.

I. Keep. Coming. Back.

Although I have yet to beat it...It's frustrating/addicting like those platformers designed to make you die a million times before you beat it.

Nice job on this one. :)

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Everyone tells me my games

Everyone tells me my games are too hard. Even when I don't try to make them hard. Maybe I'm too good at video games.

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They're pretty tough, but

They're pretty tough, but they always keep me entertained! I would be interested in seeing the result of you actively trying to make your games harder / easier, though. I challenge you to add difficulty levels to a future trainwreck!