Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 2

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In an alternate reality where SOPA somehow actually gets passed, Twitter gets shut down by the feds for a single accusation of copyright infringement! Oh noes!

But we have too many people who can't afford to not be tweeting!

Looks like we'll need to resort to old-fashioned methods... sending messages by pidgeon!

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Man being a bird is really

Man being a bird is really tough.

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What's the MIDI used in

What's the MIDI used in this? It reminds me of the drumming lessons in Rhythm Tengoku.

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Kinda late on this, but it's

Kinda late on this, but it's actually a really early MIDI of Techno Hill Zone done by SRB2's lead programmer, A.J. Freda.

One day AJ just sorta went on IRC and linked us to a web dump of really old, crappy MIDIs he made years and years ago. Many of them were attempts to replicate songs from Sonic 2 before such MIDIs even became widely available. He did perhaps one of the first Emerald Hill Zone MIDIs ever. It was very silly and bad, and I should use it in one of my future trainwrecks.