Danger Quad

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An arcade-type game inspired by NS-Shaft, and possibly Gunstar Heroes.

As Fleetfoot Fuller, danger-face-laugher and gravity-obeyer extraordinaire, you must survive in the descending shaft of this perilous videogame temple! Drop from brick to brick, and keep your wits about you when gravity suddenly flips 90 degrees, sending you sideways!

There are two game modes - a one-player game with two difficulties, and a rushed two-player game where you can challenge a friend to play Carly the Snake Woman and see if they can outlast you! And there's only room on each brick for one player, so it pays to be swift and reckless.

Arrows - Fuller's controls.
WASD - Carly's controls.
Space - Switch gravity in two-player mode.

Leon Arnott
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An event


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As usual, this is

As usual, this is great.

Though my final score doesn't appear to be clearing after each game, so each game is higher-scoring than the last. (HTML5 version, if it matters.)

Bug fixed.

Bug fixed.

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Gunstar Heroes death noise!

Gunstar Heroes death noise!

I take it you were inspired by the mine cart level?

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I guess it makes sense since

I guess it makes sense since that's the direction to head to give yourself enough wiggle room to survive the transition, but I still find it really confusing that the arrows point *away* from the gravity change.

Danni's picture

It's pointing toward the new

It's pointing toward the new scrolling direction.

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I also feel like the arrows

I also feel like the arrows should point in the direction you're going to fall in. I guess it's currently pointing in the direction you should go in to survive? You also risk scrolling into spikes, though, so I'm not sure how well that advice works...

I gave in and edited the

I gave in and edited the arrows so that they point in the other direction now.

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Great Game

Very professional, well executed, and most of all fun! Bravo!