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Thus far, there has been one small downside to my choice of Stackless Python as a development language -- the standard Python debuggers don't friggin' work. Thus did I spend my entire weekend trying to figure out why my collision detection was stopping objects stone dead, rather than only in the direction that they collided in. (Imagine Mario jumping into a wall and hovering there.) Finally fixed it last night. BLIMEY.

Isaac was scared that I'd already have a game up and so he'd never see my embarrassing home video footage. I'll tell all of you what I told him: Currently my game is a green box on a blue grid called the "Intertrongs" and it can run into a JPG of a castle. I need to write a level editor soon, because specifying coordinates for things manually is going to be painful as hell. The lesson: Don't use a general-purpose programming language, and you will beat me. I'm a masochist who insists on seeing to fruition some manifestation of a general-purpose videogame engine that I first began imagining some six years ago.