All Against One

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The young Claude, King of the Sky, is ready to marry. A tournament is declared. He will pick his new queen among those few who can best him in sky combat! Rulers from all over the world are gathering. Who shall surpass his challenge?

Arrows - fly.
X - attack.

This is inspired primarily by Ciel Gris, and secondarily by a number of shmups from the past, such as: Garden of Coloured Lights, White Butterfly, Guxt, Gradius Gaiden, Nitty Gritty, ESP Ra.De., Clean Asia and G-Type. And there's some Finderseek and Super Crate Box influence as well.

I decided that, since it's often been said that my games are too hard, that the only penalty for getting hit is losing 33 points. You gain 100 points per level cleared.

There's a Windows version, but if you're on another system you can play the HTML5 port which is rendered a tad blurry on most browsers.

Leon Arnott
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An event


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this goes some neat places!

this goes some neat places! and the scoring system reminds me of some game whose name i can't think of right now that adds one point to your score every time you continue, forever marring the perfect double-zeros of a perfect game.

oh, the peasant girl has the rotating hell turret for some reason.

The one-point-continue

The one-point-continue system is fairly commonplace in shmups - I recall that almost every Gradius game has it.

Bug fixed. (It seemed to be HTML5 exclusive...)

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If two people get the same

If two people get the same score to the hundreds, wouldn't the person who used more continues get ranked higher?

Edit: Didn't think of losing points to taking damage.

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Final Score: 1004

I really liked this! It took me a while to get used to Minako's shooting type, though.

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Huh, that's the same score I

Huh, that's the same score I got on my first playthrough.

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ortoslon recorded a flawless

ortoslon recorded a flawless run of the game:

also music seems to not loop on firefox

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Construct 2 games have that

Construct 2 games have that same issue (GIFTOPIA) so it's a Firefox problem. I use Chromium and it works great.

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Extremely cool. Many unique

Extremely cool. Many unique protagonists and a single consistent enemy was a nice change from what games usually do.