The farthest limits of knp

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My greatest KliK project is nearing an end: one way or another. Every which way I seem to advance in this project, the physical walls of the ancient KnP engine seem to close in. Adding a score counter to the game now causes the collision detection engine to go haywire after a few minutes of play. Adding even one active object to the play field maxes out the object availability, and ruins my environment engine integrity. Changing the layout of the level by moving one more object into the initial render window drops out the overlay layer.

I'm going to try and finish this thing this weekend. I may have to sacrifice a UI in order to keep the game stable. I'm on version 14 now, with each incremental update warranting a separate save, in order to avoid game corruption. Much like "A.M.O.S.D.", I'm nearing an impasse. Will I be able to surmount it? Stay tuned!


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It looks like I'm finished,

It looks like I'm finished, finally. I'll probably upload the game tomorrow evening. A few notes about development:

There's no in-game music, because it causes the KnP collision detection to fail very early on. I'm testing and developing on my ancient P.O.S. laptop, so a real modern computer might not have the amazing memory corruption I'm getting, but the game just might be impossible to complete. If enough people find the game crashing on them, I'll just upload an earlier incomplete version that was at least possible to beat.

I'm pretty proud of this game, and the bizarre techniques I had to develop to make it.


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oh man oh man OH MAN I am

oh man oh man OH MAN

I am so excited to finally see this.

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The funny thing is that it's

The funny thing is that it's actually just a simple platformer, which could be easily accomplished in any modern game maker.

But I just had to go and make it in Klik & Play, didn't I.

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According to your Statement

According to your Statement of Purpose, yes, yes you did.