Foreskin Defender

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Controls: arrow keys, space (jump)

Defend the defenseless in this classic game. Test your tactical jumping prowess as you try to save the infant genitalia from the knife!

Game suitability: Please do not play this game.

Alternative "censored" version here:

Original graphics!
Sounds recorded from scratch!
Music borrowed graciously from

Completely standalone EXCEPT it may need to install the August 2008 DirectX update. I'm so very sorry. Had I known, I may have chosen another platform. The good news is that should be all you need, and the game will give you an error when you start it, linking you to the download site.

No foreskins were harmed during the making of this game.

Made For: 
An event


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Oh good about the DirectX

Oh good about the DirectX thing! I forgot about getting stuff like that, XNA stuff, and java installed on the Kiosk machine ahead of time!

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awesome, man. I hope it

awesome, man. I hope it isn't a problem.