Playfic: An Online Inform 7/Text Adventure Creator

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In the creator's own words:

"Playfic is a community for writing, sharing, and playing interactive fiction games (aka "text adventures") entirely from your browser, using a 'natural language'-inspired language called Inform 7.


My hope is that Playfic opens up the world of interactive fiction to a much wider audience — young writers, fanfic authors, and culture remixers of all ages.

While the language can be tricky, building simple games is surprisingly easy. Cooper had never coded anything or made a game before trying Playfic, and within 30 minutes of futzing around, he'd made his first game.

Some stuff is broken and missing, but I'd love to hear what you make of it. Open to any and all feedback. Go make some games!"

I feel like this could turn out to be a valuable asset to our Trainwrecking. At the very least, it probably needs to be added to this list. What do you guys think?