Strange Valley (Knytt Stories)

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I've hit a wall with most of my projects, and what better way to deal with that than to re-release something you've already finished?

Actually, this was made for a fairly obscure tileset project, which you can read more about here and here. The basic gist of it is, some guys made parts of a tileset, and nobody was supposed to see any part of the tileset that they weren't working on. Meanwhile, some people (like me) made a level based on a placeholder tileset, which would then be replaced by the finished tileset when every tilesetter had finished their part. I fixed a minor issue with the finished tileset, but other than that I left things untouched. The screenshot is of the placeholder tileset (I wanted to leave the look of the level a surprise). Have fun!

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You're making me want to get

You're making me want to get back into making Knytt Stories levels.

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DO IT DO IT DO IT doooooo it

DO IT DO IT DO IT doooooo it

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Glorious Trainwrecks Pirate

Glorious Trainwrecks Pirate Kart V Knytt Stories Level Collaboration Go!?

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Dah, I made a pact with

Dah, I made a pact with myself not to submit any more games before the jam starts, but on the other hand I think it'd be epic to get more stuff (especially a greater variety of stuff) into the Kart. WHAT DO??

Or do you mean collaboration as in everyone works on different portions of the same level? That would be most excellent. I'd also love to have something like that in the format of a general game (think Chainwreck) but these days everyone's using a different tool since Klik & Play isn't 64-bit capable.

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Well... an ongoing

Well... an ongoing collaboration where we pass a level from participant to participant but don't submit until the jam starts doesn't seem to break your pact, right?

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If this happens I'd love to

If this happens I'd love to take part.
Let's do itttt

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To be honest I'm going

To be honest I'm going through a period of finding it hard to work on Knytt Stories, and i believe Healy is too. In terms of the collaboration, don't worry; if my Knytter's block remains by next week I will overcome it by brute force. But because of this, I'd like to suggest that if you're keen you should feel free to kick things off now!

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I'd set one up but I'm not

I'd set one up but I'm not really sure how we should go about things like EG. tileset usage?

I was thinking... maybe every participant makes ten to twenty screens, adds a sign message at the beginning with text to the effect of "Healy made this section," and nobody can modify a previous person's screens?

Also it'd be a good idea to start out with Run and Climb orbs as per Anna Anthropy's suggestion.

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Every aspect of your

Every aspect of your proposed setup sounds ideal to me! Well, maybe not the 'nobody can modify' part... I'd suggest 'nobody can modify without a really good reason' to allow for stuff like fixing unintended small graphical errors or wallswims that might arise...

I'm not sure what could go wrong with tileset usage. Do you mean including custom assets? If anyone wants to do that, the 256 slots available should prevent any conflicts, while passing the compressed level between participants will preserve any custom assets added by the last person. Maybe I'm misunderstanding...

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To add on to this, I'm at

To add on to this, I'm at the game creation stage where all I want to do is listen to Genesis's Turn it On Again on the Youtube all day. (That's normal, right?) Anyway, I'll barrel through this Knytter's block if it kills me, but the results may not be so pretty.