Disc Gunship Mini


This is a conflation of my previous games, Gravity Gunner and Disc Gunner. Apart from using a weapon from Super Crate Box, this is also inspired thematically by R-Type III and, to a lesser extent, They Came From Verminest.

Pilot the Disc Gunship, a ship armed with the most dangerous weapon in the light fighter arsenal - so dangerous that even you are at risk of death when you use it. But no other weapon can defeat the Green Pestilence so swiftly, so use it you must.

This is a "mini" version of Disc Gunship. The full version, I intend to include in the GDC 2012-in-One Kart. This is nonetheless intended to stand by itself, for those who might prefer a slightly more minimal version of the full game.

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Outstanding! Loved the game

Outstanding! Loved the game and the soundtrack. very creative! also, who composed the song?