Pong Tower

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This is the next evolution of Dark Pong and Pong/Antipong, with a good dose of inspiration from Prizeleaper. Get the ball to the top of the tower by bouncing it off the paddles. A line indicates the highest distance that the ball has reached - in that respect, it owes something to Keep Me Occupied.

Windows version in the Zip. A HTML5 version will appear sometime later.

Leon Arnott
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this reminds me of the ping

this reminds me of the ping pong tower game in warioware wii. i think it could maybe benefit from more architecture - that is, walls and maybe more pinballish things to navigate the ball around and bounce it off of. having to perform that same slow, incremental build-up of velocity every time i reach a new level gets pretty old. recovering from dropping the ball, though, is super frantic, so maybe just increasing the speed and height that the paddles add to the ball would make it a lot more frenetic.

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also is that my DIDDLED BITS

also is that my DIDDLED BITS font

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Needs bullet time.

Needs bullet time.