Elegant Extension: A Word Game


This is just a simple word game I devised. Write a word that's at least 5 characters long. Then, the second-last and third-last letters in that word become the third and fourth letters of your next word. See how long you can keep devising words that fit within these constraints. The lower-left corner shows a thumbnail of the entire game board as you have filled it so far.

This time I've left the more specific game constraints outside the game, leaving it up to the player to decide how to play. For instance, it doesn't check words against a dictionary file, so the arbiter for whether a word is 'good' is only you. It is also up to you to choose whether to avoid words already entered. You can also use this to play a two-player game where you take turns entering words. This is intended to be as vacant of refereeing as a mere pencil and paper are.

For inclusion in the Pirate Kart, consult the Zip file.

Leon Arnott
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Would you be willing to

Would you be willing to release the source for this? I have a modification / sequel in mind (although I can't guarantee I'll be able to make it).

Here it is.

Here it is.

ElegantExtension.gmk1.09 MB
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Thanks! I've just noticed

Thanks! I've just noticed the game breaks quite a bit when confronted with longer words (words start to go off the right side of the screen). Also, is o_jumper simply a leftover with no real purpose?