So, is this just a general chat forum of sorts?

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Judging by the name, it looks like it is. Why was this put here, exactly?

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Probably to foster a

Probably to foster a stronger sense of community, which seems an odd thing to do considering the cyclical nature of the population, and how overwhelmingly niche our interests are.

That said, how's everybody doing?

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Pretty good! Honestly it

Pretty good!

Honestly it just started to feel kind of weird to me to have all these people getting together having a good time every month, making videogames together and so forth, and not having a place to talk about anything else besides terrible videogames. I mean, I'd gladly buy anyone here a beer if they happened to be passing through town, but I didn't even have a place to put a thread asking about how people found the site!

(I'm going to go make that post now.)