Bind Her!

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Alert: this game contains silly looking full frontal nudity.

This is a game based on the idea of "Qix as bondage". Separate the torso, busy hands and frisky feet of this woman (whose name I just decided is Demi) by drawing ropes between the bed's bars. If her hands or feet hit a rope before you've finished placing it, you'll lose it! Be nimble.

Although its inception came about by thinking of Qix, it owes more to Jezzball (or rather, the Macintosh's Jezzball clone Barrack) in its mechanics. And I guess it has some thematic similarities to Trusty Assistant?

The phrase "Indra's Net" is an Immortal Defense reference more than anything.

The HTML5 build has less robust collision detection and isn't recommended compared to the Windows build.

Leon Arnott
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An event


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Solid gameplay. I'm going to

Solid gameplay. I'm going to come out and say that I found the vacant stare and flailing limbs in this a little unsettling!

P.S. How did I only now notice your 'dess bait' tag? That is a great tag and I hope you will submit more games to Pirate Kart V that use it.

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Unexpected, and challenging.

Unexpected, and challenging. Though it took me a while to figure out how to place ropes.

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