Time Demon vs. Indie Coffee

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Get to your date at INDIE COFFEE before TIME DEMON catches you! Avoid SLOW WALKERS as they will spell your DOOM if bumped too often!
Can you get to your date on time, or will LOVE BE OVER FOREVER?!
(It IS possible to get to your date on time)

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An event


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i really love that art style

looks awesome

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Thanks a lot! I am still

Thanks a lot! I am still fairly new to doing pixel work, so it's great to hear that people like it.

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well the knp sprites crack me up

it adds so much individuality and uniqueness to your title if you do your own crude pixel art so im always glad to see people do their own art

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I did start doing more

I did start doing more polished pixel art before I realised that it would be a lot of work and it would show off my amateurishness very clearly, so I went with crude, and it paid off!

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Wow, this gets really tense!

Wow, this gets really tense! The looping background initially made me think this was some endless metaphor for the futility of existence, but I'm glad it wasn't.

The art is really charming. Crude pixel art is underrated.

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I considered a "Distance to Indie Coffee" sign, but I think I like the idea that people might quit without knowing it's possible to win more.