TEK DEMO is the full game

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Let me repeat that: TEK DEMO is the full game. (Not a demo)

You are Tek Demo, on a quest to find the missing gems! Marvel at the lush realistic graphics, and unbelievable advanced special effects! Featuring no less than three title screens, Tek Demo is my most ambitious KnP trainwreck to date. By my records, the first version of this game's engine is over 8 YEARS OLD, and was never released online. After hearing about Glorious Trainwrecks on Tigsource (which I heard about for... other reasons) I knew I had to finally complete a game using this engine/trick/technique/whatever. So this is my gift to you, internet. A little bit of knowledge for an obsolete game maker nobody uses anymore. I hope you like it!

note: If the full version starts acting weird at some point, try the lite version. It has less data, which might avoid the collision detection freezing up.

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Congratulations, you have

Congratulations, you have created the missing link between TGF and MMF.

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Oh man oh man

This is awesome. I hope someone, somewhere outside this little circle appreciates the technical merit on display here.

Also that sample at the beginning was so amazing I closed and opened the game three times just to hear it again

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I love that you used a giant brown BAR COUNTER as a background for the caverns, and that it keeps in place with the scrolling system.

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Good golly miss molly.

Good golly miss molly.

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Anybody collect all the gems

Anybody collect all the gems yet?

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I'm pretty sure that I

I'm pretty sure that I could, if I was able to get through a whole game without hitting the collision detection bug.

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My wife was totally baffled; she couldn't believe that Klik & Play was capable of what she was seeing. There's some really elegant trickery going on.

I am going to have to turn that "Glorious Trainwrecks" sample into a full-fledged theme song. Please post the WAV someplace. Also the excellent logo.

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Deleting some blocks that

Deleting some blocks that weren't significant to gameplay fixed it, for me anyways.

edit: dang, wrong "reply" link.

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Feel free to repost that

Feel free to repost that version, just so long as you add a cracktro or trainer.

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That reminds me: You have no

That reminds me: You have no idea how tempted this game has made me to throw a Klik & Play Demoparty.

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I can't find the last gem,

I can't find the last gem, but someday ... someday I will! (I hope I didn't delete it.)

Using jump glitches as a game feature reminded me of the bootleg NES game "Wait and See!".

tek_demo_crk.zip2.11 MB
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That cracktro is so fucking

That cracktro is so fucking amazing. Holy shit.

I noticed that for me, one gem disappeared completely (the one on the top ledge when you have to scale the wall with the double jump above the surface). The lower one had a tendency to flicker out of existence when I got near it in the non-cracked version.

Still haven't collected all gems because glitch-jumping seems much harder in the cracked version, but I finally saw the end.

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I can't wait to check that

I can't wait to check that out when I get home from work. I desperately hope I got a shout-out in a scroller or something, etc.

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Wow, that is great. Do the

Wow, that is great.
Do the numbers mean anything?

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Having not seen a cracktro

Having not seen a cracktro in a while, the last memory I had of them was endless BBS phone numbers scrolling across the screen. I should have added GREETZ but I was worried about running out of objects. Next time!

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That cracktro is so fucking

That cracktro is so fucking amazing it crashed TGF twice before I got it to open to see how it was done.

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So, I was just listening to

So, I was just listening to some music at work on random, and suddenly I heard the music from your cracktro. I thought it was awesome before, but now that I know you ripped the music from an actual Finnish Amiga demoscener... well!

(Sadly, the reason I came to find out about his work was because he recently died.)

I've attached the full song for everyone's enjoyment.

hits-90.ogg1.27 MB
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the opening screens are

the opening screens are jawdroppers. JAW IS DROPPING.
Don't remember enough about the glitchtastic engine to get far though, I'm stomped on the first gem that is remotely challenging.

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We have a first MMF game done completely in KNP with style. Congrats Snapman!

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its good but i cant figure

its good but i cant figure out how to jump up like there is this big wall and i cant get over it. also i love glorious trainwrecks has an intro. anyways it seems to me no one of you is aware of "the elk" the best knp game ever made and first KNP game ever made with REAL scrolling also runs more fluent than this tech demo- sorry to say