Wasps vs. Demons: A Love Story

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You are Toni, a demon of the House Oni, who has fallen in love with the wasp daughter of the House Hymenoptera. Her family does not approve. Convince them of their mistake and take her hand in girlfriendage. A visual novel / turn-based RPG. I got started ahead of time as this was a request.

Completed as a Kickstarter reward, for a donor who gave the theme "Wasps VS Demons! A love story". Thank you for your donation!

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An event


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why is the thumbnail

why is the thumbnail something different? i didnt even know that was technically possible. how did you do that?

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I don't know why that

I don't know why that happened; it wasn't intentional. It makes my game look like it's about squirrel brains though, so that's cool.

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you've hacked trainwrecks with your game. to be fair the thumbnail looks way more interesting. i saw the thumbnail and i was like: yay weird psychedelic colours. then i saw the big screenshot and i was like: eeew some anime stuff =P

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(I fixed it by uploading

(I fixed it by uploading another screenshot, if you are reading these posts in THE FUTURE.)

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You need a unique filename

You need a unique filename for your screenshot in order for it to not mess up.

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Ooooh! That explains what


That explains what happened with the Shit Snake screenshot. Good to know.

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This takes the premise just

This takes the premise just seriously enough to be amazing.

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Absolutely. It was

Absolutely. It was breathtaking.