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How many games can YOU make in 48 hours? Collect code (chips) and assets (boots) to create games! Remember, you can only make as many games as you can form pairs of code and assets! Collect the item you have less of in order to make more games!

Watch out for pink balls and fireballs.

This game took way too long to make. Feat. beats by Torley.

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An event


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And by the way, yes, you're

And by the way, yes, you're seeing the return of the game name generation from the Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart that I made for Pirate Kart II. I added some extra vocabulary. Still bizarre and clumsy as ever.

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Nice! I managed 293 games on

Nice! I managed 293 games on my first attempt. I can probably do better, but I figure I should spend my time making actual games rather than virtual ones.

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You really like Chip's

You really like Chip's Challenge,don't you?

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"Source code" release. I

"Source code" release. (Different) music added back in response to recent events.

48h_3_src.mfa6.58 MB