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It's way too late for me to be playing games, but judging from the screenshots on the page, I think we have a winner. It was apparantly made with a game creator of some sort. The Winsite mirror (fourth down) is still functional.


Argh, watch out, the sound is glitchy. Also, start it using chubgam.exe instead of go.bat. Also I can't figure out what to do; the manual says to follow a voice or something.

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Oh god 1998 site design

We should get a list going with all the games made with that Pie 3d game Creator or whatever it was called. Or we could leave it at this one since they are all interchangeable with each other.

When I saw an advertisement for the software I thought it was the best idea ever but later on when I played one or two of the games done with it I just laughed because they were all exactly the same. It's quite a common thing to think that one first person shooter is just like any other first person shooter but damn.

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I vaguely remember this

I vaguely remember this program!

Oh man.

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Those are amazing title

Those are amazing title screens.

I remember really wanting that program after reading a description on a shareware CD, even though I couldn't get it to play the demonstration game they were using to advertise it. (I think it was a Christmas special?) But I never even figured out how WAD editors worked for doom, so I don't know how much I'd be able to do with it, even if I did go visit a few abandonware sites, and fire up dosbox.