Stack The Cups: Cupstackers in China

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it's not apparent from this game

but i'm in a really bad trainwreckmood right now

i hope i can do something else

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An event


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Cheer up comrade, I too feel

Cheer up comrade, I too feel like I'm in a bit of a game-making slump at the moment. I'm thankful for the loose deadline, as I'm sure with time we'll be able to pump out some truly 'aweful' stuff!

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for some reason the fact

for some reason the fact that i havent finished mozart 5 is keeping me back, even though the thing is going to shit in every way possible and i would much rather leave the series as is.

i have resolved to brute force through the thing as fast as i can cutting out poop and making the whole thing retarded. i might do some games in between, but we'll see.