Pololo Shodown

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The idea for this occurred to me when I was playing with the movement in Breakanoid RC.

A two-player game, with the not unusual goal of putting a ball into your opponent's net.

It reminds me of the soccer mode in Excitebike 64: Controls that, at first, seem cumbersome that with practice allow for satisfying, and fine, control. There are a lot of neat ball control tricks.

(Oh, that gives me an idea, actually: perhaps the ball should be still at the start, and players come out to strike it. The strategy round that moment in ExciteBike 64 was one of my favourite things about that game.)


I've made a new version with 2 modes: one where the ball moves on level start, the other where it waits until player contact. It's playable via Newgrounds.


This game now has a sick website (well, it's had it for a while): https://blueberrysoft.ryliejamesthomas.net/games/Pololo%20Shodown/


Now also on The Internet Archive!

Rylie James Thomas
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