Citizen Kane Pinball

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The Citizen Kane of pinball tables. Because it is Citizen Kane: The Pinball Table.

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An event


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I love idea but when I try

I love idea but when I try to run it I get this error:

DOS/4GW fatal error (1007): can't find file C:\DEV\HG\PKV_LA~1\DATA\2398\EXTRAC~1\PINKANE\PINKANE\CKPCDOS.EX= to load

But anyway it looks like I'd need to stick DOSBOX into the launcher anyway. If we get more than one DOS game I'll do it for sure, but for now I am going to procrastinate so that I can make some games myself this weekend!

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I'm using a .bat to run an exe with parameters... Is the launcher ignoring the .bat and just grabbing a random exe in the subfolder and running that?

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Yeah that's where that error

Yeah that's where that error is coming from. Upon further inspection, that specific error appears to be caused by the path to the exe being too long (not sure if that's a specific folder or overall path). But then even after moving to another folder, I get errors about fullscreen not being supported.

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Those are some phat AdLib

Those are some phat AdLib beetz.

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I don't get the joke to

I don't get the joke to this...?

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"The Citizen Kane of games"

"The Citizen Kane of games" is a common hyperbolic description often used by fans of some videogames.


Hah, loved this. Reminds me a lot of the enigma table from Epic Pinball, but probably just because of the mostly empty playfield. Love the ramps that go under the flippers! And the audio. Brilliant. Plus, you know, the whole joke.

At first I thought it was impossible to lose, but then a ball finally snuck past my flippers. I guess the flippers are just closer together than on most tables.

Oh, and I had to run it through DOSbox. Worth it.

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